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Stories Published Between 4/1/2008 And 7/1/2008
6/30/2008 A Fund Industry Vet Switches to SMAs
6/30/2008 Fido Brings its FundsNetwork to a New Market
6/30/2008 Eugene Sit, Founder of Sit Funds, Dies
6/30/2008 Is BlackRock Stake Sale Priority No.1 for Thain?
6/30/2008 Janus Skippers Get Hometown Press
6/30/2008 Money Funds Targeted by Auction-Rate Note Marketers
6/27/2008 Advisor Count Falls, Wholesaler Ranks Grow
6/27/2008 Fred Alger Rebrands its Spectra Line
6/27/2008 McKinsey Sees a $7-Trillion DC Opp for Asset Managers
6/27/2008 GAMCO Anoints a Co-Manager for its Money Market Fund
6/27/2008 Janus Saga Gets a Feature
6/27/2008 BlackRock Sale Could Bring Merrill Cash
6/27/2008 WSJ Fund Track Points to a New Direxion
6/26/2008 Now Hiring: Chief Metrics Officer?
6/26/2008 SEC Review of Credit Ratings Agencies Could Have Implications for Money Market Funds
6/26/2008 JPMorgan Taps Insider as a Liaison to Advisors
6/26/2008 Natixis Junks a Just-Adopted 130/30 Strategy
6/26/2008 First Eagle Alums Prep Their Debut Funds
6/26/2008 Rydex Parent Takes a Ratings Hit
6/26/2008 Hedgers and ETFs: An Explosive Mix?
6/25/2008 XShares Makes its Big Announcement
6/25/2008 Federated Does Some Work on its Kaufmann Team
6/25/2008 Fees, Fees and Spitzer in the WSJ
6/25/2008 A Market Pessimist from Federated Gets Positive WSJ Play
6/25/2008 ProShares Trumpets its ETF Assets
6/24/2008 Wellington Goes to the Well for Vanguard
6/24/2008 Nomura to Hire Help For Push into America
6/24/2008 Janus Builds a Fund of Funds
6/24/2008 Auction Rate Note Holders Learn When Preferred Is Not
6/23/2008 Alger Picks Up Regional Sales Leader
6/23/2008 Top ETF Man at Rydex to Take a New Role
6/23/2008 PIMCO, Artisan to Launch New Funds
6/23/2008 Fido, Vanguard and Putnam are Noted Converts
6/20/2008 Goldman Sachs Taps Two to Run Investment Management
6/20/2008 Natixis Sales Vet Takes Talents North
6/20/2008 Strategic Insight Sees Across the Board Inflows in May
6/20/2008 Evergreen to Liquidate its Ultra Short Fund
6/20/2008 WSJ Makes Offering to International Fund Managers
6/20/2008 Janus Exec Outlines Overseas Ambitions
6/19/2008 Another Pru Vet Joins Up With Fido
6/19/2008 First Eagle Distributors Creates a Presidential Position
6/19/2008 Natixis Taps Columbia Vet for Institutional Role
6/19/2008 Top ICI Lobbyist is Out
6/19/2008 Shareholders of Fido Funds Cast Last Genocide Votes
6/19/2008 Pension Funds are Miffed by Speculator Tag
6/18/2008 SouthernSun Jumps Into Fund Business Head First
6/18/2008 Morgan Stanley Details Q2 Ops of Asset Management Business
6/18/2008 JPMorgan Turns to Hedge Fund Playbook for its New ETNs
6/18/2008 SGI Taps Two Institutional Sales Vets for Biz Dev Roles
6/17/2008 New Player Acquires New River Funds
6/17/2008 BlackRock Adds to Fixed-Income Team
6/17/2008 Milberg Settles with the Feds
6/17/2008 Schwab Expands its Ties with a UK Money Manager
6/17/2008 Confluence Signs up a West Coast Fund Shop for Unity Product
6/17/2008 Morningstar Outs Fund Managers for not Investing in their Own Funds
6/17/2008 Phoenix Reworks its Global Utilities Fund
6/17/2008 Closed-Enders Inch Closer to Auction-Rate Fix
6/16/2008 RiverSource Outsources, Lays off 68
6/16/2008 A Second Law Firm Files Suit Against Fido Over Fund Losses
6/16/2008 Julius Baer Americas Gets an Artful New Moniker
6/16/2008 American Century Replaces Putnam-Bound Stockpicking Duo
6/16/2008 Cox to Fast-Track Fund Regs
6/16/2008 Active ETFs Miss Out on the Small-Cap Party
6/16/2008 Wasatch Re-Shutters its Recently Reopened Funds
6/13/2008 Big Boston Newsmakers are Hiring
6/13/2008 Claymore Splits Top Office
6/13/2008 USAA Funds Plans Grand Re-Opening
6/13/2008 Evergreen Tweaks its Product Line
6/13/2008 Vanguard Chooses Lucky Number Seven Sub-advisor
6/13/2008 A Van Kampen Fund is Headed for Liquidation
6/13/2008 Fido, Putnam Vie for Top Billing for New Hires
6/12/2008 Haldeman Evaluates His CEO Years at Putnam
6/12/2008 CBS Group Reps Barred: The Trio Helped Hedge Fund Win Ill-Gotten Gains From Mutual Funds
6/12/2008 Target Date AUM Near $200 Billion
6/12/2008 ProShares Drops Two New Sector ETFs
6/12/2008 Reynolds Promises New Products, Says He is No Cost-Cutter
6/12/2008 Fido Surprise: Fidelity Names an Asset Management Chief
6/12/2008 The Desmarais Put Their Mark on Putnam with Reynolds Hire
6/12/2008 ETF Portfolio Solutions Hires New CIO
6/12/2008 Bob Reynolds Lands: New Gig Keeps Him in Boston
6/12/2008 Putnam Lands Stock Picking Pair from American Century
6/11/2008 Hennessy Climbs Onto a Wirehouse Shelf
6/11/2008 Unified Hires VP of Fund Accounting and Financial Reporting
6/11/2008 Franklin Vets Lead Search for Global Alternatives
6/11/2008 New Direxion Fund is a Hot Commodity
6/11/2008 Spitzer Looks to the Vultures to Occupy Time
6/11/2008 Rydex Goes Head-to-Head with ProFunds
6/10/2008 Fido Sued Over Bond Fund Losses
6/10/2008 Schwab Hit With Suit Over High Yield Fund Losses
6/10/2008 Russell to Consolidate Funds
6/10/2008 UPDATE 1 | Russell to Conduct Search for New CEO
6/10/2008 WSJ Pokes at Fido Over Performance
6/10/2008 NewRiver Aims to Make Fund Data Accessible to Retirement Plans
6/9/2008 Citigroup Gets Round 1 of Primerica Bids
6/9/2008 ALPS Woos Reporters in the Big Apple
6/9/2008 Rydex Aims to Take On ProFunds with New Leveraged ETFS
6/9/2008 Foreign Currency Exchange-Traded Products Get WSJ Spotlight
6/9/2008 Two Regional Sales Execs Join Schroders
6/6/2008 Credit Suisse Cuts Calamos Rating
6/6/2008 Top Fido Legal Voice is Out
6/6/2008 Unified Automates Boardbooks Process for Clients
6/6/2008 SSgA Hopes to Boost Brand Loyalty with its New White Paper
6/6/2008 Legg Mason Launches a Fund and MFS Improves on Some Old Ones
6/6/2008 Fidelity Anoints New PMs
6/6/2008 Fido Puts a Number on Latest Layoffs
6/6/2008 Scudder Skipper Gets WSJ Spotlight
6/5/2008 Advisors, Analysts and Reporters Attend SPDR School
6/5/2008 Performance Fees are Catching On
6/5/2008 Van Kampen Vet Switches Sides
6/4/2008 More Merrimack Cuts for Fidelity
6/4/2008 UPDATE 1 | Done Deal: San Fran Fund Shop Steps Forward to Gain Sales Access
6/4/2008 Vanguard Splits Three ETF NAVs ... Why?
6/4/2008 Monoyios Bids Adieu to Main Street
6/4/2008 Hennessy Makes New Hire With an Eye Toward Growth
6/4/2008 WSJ Emphasizes Three Rs in BRIC
6/4/2008 SEC Picks New Enforcement Deputies
6/3/2008 BFDS Inks Deal on New House for New Hires
6/3/2008 Gold Investors Granted New ETF Options
6/3/2008 Aberdeen Awards Fund Administration Mandate
6/3/2008 Federated Sees Value in the Global Economy
6/3/2008 Principal Hires Wholesaler for the West
6/3/2008 Ricciardi Moves on from the SEC
6/3/2008 Ameristock Becomes the Latest Advisor to Rethink its ETFs
6/2/2008 Direxion Unwraps Dollar Bull Fund
6/2/2008 Pioneer Taps Retail Distribution Chief
6/2/2008 Arrow Releases its Third Mutual Fund
6/2/2008 SEI Exec Jumps to Schroders
6/2/2008 Once Again, Japan Fund Tries A New Advisor
6/2/2008 More Fund Firms Hop on the Retirement Income Bandwagon
6/2/2008 Lauricella Jabs at 130/30
6/2/2008 WSJ Highlights Coming ETF v. Fund Battle
5/30/2008 Jobs in the Big Apple Beckon
5/30/2008 PowerShares Goes Global with New Hire
5/30/2008 A Switch and a Merger Headline Morningstar Round-up
5/30/2008 Janus Adds an International Fund
5/30/2008 Fundamental Indexing Battle Gets Fund Track Space
5/30/2008 American Funds Takes the Next Step in Directed Brokerage Fight
5/29/2008 Thieves Make Off with State Street Customer Info
5/29/2008 Forward Bucks Front-End Load Elimination Trend
5/29/2008 A Rocky ETF Marriage Evolves as XShares Hunts Funds
5/29/2008 Two Neuberger MDs Depart to Join a Former Colleague
5/29/2008 Janus Makes a Hire in the Far East
5/29/2008 Strategic Insight Finds Front-End Loads Going Out of Fashion Fast
5/28/2008 Fido Tries to Board the Vanguard Ship
5/28/2008 Gateway Bulks Up its Fund Management Team
5/28/2008 Eight Morgan Stanley Portfolio Managers Hit the Road
5/28/2008 Month-Old Northern Trust ETF Foray Gets WSJ Play
5/27/2008 XTF Funds Future is All in the Stars
5/27/2008 GAMCO Sub Picks President and CEO
5/27/2008 SEC Compliance Consultants Hires Two
5/27/2008 A New Breed of ETF Emerges
5/27/2008 Fund Managers are Drawn to Distress
5/23/2008 Allianz Hires SEC Vet
5/23/2008 Sentinel is Hiring for Two New Posts
5/23/2008 Morgan Stanley Taps Ex-Marsh Exec for a New Role
5/23/2008 JPMorgan Speaks Out on Bear Active ETF
5/23/2008 Fidelity is Hiring Strong in Hong Kong
5/22/2008 A Shift to Institutional Costs Jobs at American Century
5/22/2008 First American Funds Taps a New Distribution King
5/22/2008 Marco Polo XTF Makes Inroads in Asia
5/22/2008 Fund Track Picks Up Mandatory XBRL Proposal
5/22/2008 Columbia Cash Group to Relocate
5/21/2008 GEAM Adds Two VA Wholesalers
5/21/2008 Excessive Fees Suits a Thing of the Past?
5/21/2008 SEC Sets a Date for XBRL
5/21/2008 GEAM is in the Hunt for Wholesalers
5/21/2008 Eaton Vance Q2 Profit is in Line with Expectations
5/21/2008 SSgA Expands its Roster of Emerging Market ETFs
5/21/2008 Dreyfus Plans to Add An Emerging Market Fund
5/21/2008 Morgan Stanley Fund Biz Gains Press
5/20/2008 Fido Sees Opps in Emerging Markets
5/20/2008 Finra Arbitration Halted in Fragasso Case
5/20/2008 Pioneer Seeks a New CFO
5/20/2008 Direxion ETFs Seek to Triple Market Performance
5/20/2008 DWS Scudder Taps a New Director for its Financial Institutions Group
5/19/2008 Supreme Court Issues Muni Bond Ruling
5/19/2008 Alger Consults with New Hire
5/19/2008 Hancock Interacts with Advisors Through its Web Site
5/19/2008 WSJ Looks at Reopened Funds
5/19/2008 Fund Firms Take Costly Steps to Break Shareholder Inertia
5/19/2008 XBRL is Here to Stay
5/16/2008 Vanguard Adds Fourth Subadvisor For its International Fund
5/16/2008 JPMorgan Fund Services Eyes Expansion
5/16/2008 U.S. Global Investors Seeks to take Advantage of a Hot Fund
5/16/2008 Janus Forms New Relationships
5/16/2008 Wave of Water ETFs Not Near Crest
5/15/2008 Darfur Ties Cost American Funds with McCain
5/15/2008 MFS Expands it Presence in the Outback
5/15/2008 Franklin Takes the Red Tape off International Fund
5/15/2008 Fidelity Traders Rang Up a $3 Million Gift Tally
5/15/2008 Are REIT Funds on a Cinderella Run?
5/15/2008 More Deals Are Coming
5/15/2008 Fund Flow Horse Race Headlines are Likely a Thing of the Past ... For Now
5/15/2008 Six More Fido Funds Thumb Down Genocide Proposal
5/14/2008 Seen and Heard at the ICI GMM
5/14/2008 Gabelli Takes SEC Fight to the Press
5/14/2008 Another Reopening Gets Fund Track Space
5/14/2008 Nationwide Makes Spangler Hire Official
5/14/2008 Fund Timer Sentenced to One Year After Guilty Plea
5/13/2008 Is Greenmail in the Cards at Seligman?
5/13/2008 SSgA Adds Two SPDRs
5/13/2008 Leuthold Plans Launch of its First Global Fund
5/12/2008 Federated Finishes Acquisition of a CB Fund
5/12/2008 Has Nationwide Found a New Fund Chief?
5/12/2008 ReFlow Borrows a Thought from SEI
5/12/2008 Haldeman is Locked Up for Two More Years
5/12/2008 Being Wrong is Part of the Biz, Miller Says
5/12/2008 Cash is King for Fund Managers as Market Drops
5/12/2008 UBS Makes a Platinum Bet
5/9/2008 De Vaulx Resurfaces
5/9/2008 ALPS Teams with Cohen & Steers for ETF
5/9/2008 Another Oakmark Fund Lets New Investors In
5/9/2008 Citi Puts Primerica on the Block
5/9/2008 Outflows, Weak Stock Market Trigger Allianz Fund Reopening
5/9/2008 Brennan Heads Up All-Star Investing Panel
5/8/2008 UPDATE 10| Fund Companies Report Q1 Results
5/8/2008 Chicago Law Firm Files Another Finra Arbitration Claim Over Schwab Bond Fund Losses
5/8/2008 Gratton Gives Up Power Chair at Putnam Parent
5/8/2008 Bush Moves to Fill Atkins SEC Seat
5/8/2008 Fido Suits Could Bring SOX Whistleblower Rules to Funds
5/8/2008 WSJ Explores Oil ETF Returns
5/7/2008 The ICI Makes 401k a Top Priority
5/7/2008 Fidelity Faces Another Whistleblower Suit
5/7/2008 Schwab Launches its First Active Global Fund
5/7/2008 Morgan Stanley Intros Commodities Alpha Fund
5/7/2008 AARP Financial Names New Prez
5/7/2008 Morgan Stanley Enters China Mutual Fund Market
5/7/2008 WSJ Gives Retirement Income Funds Another Look
5/6/2008 ICI Guide: 50th Anniversary Edition
5/6/2008 Fido Taps Another Past Exec for a Senior Role
5/6/2008 Merk Names Chief Economist
5/6/2008 Commodity, or Not to Be?
5/6/2008 Investors Express Concerns on the Fund Biz
5/5/2008 The Principal is Still in the M&A Game
5/5/2008 Atkins to Leave SEC
5/5/2008 Finra Triumph Over American Funds May Deter Others from the Fight
5/5/2008 SEC Eyes Different Treatment of Two Pieces of 12b-1s
5/5/2008 A Democratic Fund is Having a Blue Period
5/2/2008 Mass. RIA Gets in the Fund Business
5/2/2008 UPDATE 1 | Fund Firms Should See Distribution Shift as ING Buys CitiStreet
5/2/2008 Janus Shareholders Approve all Measures
5/2/2008 FundTrack Does a Schwab Redux
5/1/2008 WisdomTree/Dreyfus Launch First Tandem Products
5/1/2008 Pioneer Fund Changes Managers
5/1/2008 SEC Settles Fund Wrap Fee Suit with Columbia and Banc of America
5/1/2008 Hancock Funds Elects New Chairman
5/1/2008 ProFunds Bets on Treasury Bond Fall with its New Funds
5/1/2008 DTCC Makes Additions to its Board
5/1/2008 Wasatch Opens Funds to Market Opportunity
5/1/2008 Ariel Celebrates 25th Birthday with Name Change
5/1/2008 Edward Jones No Longer Prefers Putnam
5/1/2008 American Funds Loses FINRA Appeal
4/30/2008 State Street Corp. Names COO
4/30/2008 Dilsaver Joins Fund Board
4/30/2008 Hiring? Three Ex Janus Execs Hit The Market
4/30/2008 Key Schwab Exec Jumps to ETF Start-Up
4/30/2008 JPMorgan to Expand Fund Services Operations in Boston
4/30/2008 New Study: Hard-Nosed Spitzer Tactics Got Results
4/29/2008 Story-Telling: A Skill Small Funds Need to Excel
4/29/2008 Pioneer Hires Another Former MFS Exec
4/29/2008 MLIM ... Err BlackRock Gets New Euro Marketer
4/29/2008 Fink Jealous of Thain -- We Think Not
4/29/2008 FundTrack: Calpers and Cogent Gain Attention
4/28/2008 AUM Slips For Top 25 Fund Firms in Q1
4/28/2008 SoCal Fund Firm Taps New CEO
4/28/2008 Baum Has Big Plans for Dreyfus
4/28/2008 MLIM's U.K. Funds Officially Given the BlackRock Name
4/28/2008 GEAM Makes a Sub-Advisory Hire
4/28/2008 Vanguard to Break Ground on Long-Awaited Complex
4/28/2008 Does an Alpha-Beta Squeeze Explain Sequoia?
4/28/2008 New Study: Fund Firms Less Trustworthy than Mechanics
4/25/2008 Schwab Makes Behind the Scenes Offers to YieldPlus Investors
4/25/2008 Ivy Marketing Director Jumps to Eaton Vance
4/25/2008 RS Fundholders Get Fair Funds
4/25/2008 Gabelli Son, Gabelli Funds COO in Hot Water over Market Timing
4/25/2008 Western, Putnam Lose Portfolio Team Members
4/24/2008 Newly Rebranded Fund Family Seeks Recognition
4/24/2008 Buffett-esque Fund to Reopen for the First Time in 26 Years
4/24/2008 Vanguard Plans its Second Global Index Fund
4/24/2008 Money-Market Funds Add $1.63 B in Latest Week
4/23/2008 Seligman is Said to be on the Block Again
4/23/2008 Investors Know a SPDR When They See One
4/23/2008 Planned Pimco Fund is Unconstrained
4/22/2008 Bogle Bucks Republicans to Vote for Obama
4/22/2008 Fido to Reallocate Human Resources
4/22/2008 Regions Boots Morgan Asset Management from Seven Funds
4/21/2008 kasina: Fund Firms Should Craft E-Biz Strategy
4/21/2008 Arrow Funds Shoots for More Distribution
4/21/2008 Vanguard Retirement Income Funds Start Subscription Period
4/21/2008 New FundQuest Funds Land Spot on Schwab
4/21/2008 Seeing a Rebound on the Horizon, Advisors Look to Domestic Funds
4/21/2008 Envision Sales Director jumps to UMB
4/18/2008 Sentinel Chief Talks M&A
4/18/2008 Big Boston Fund Shops are on the Prowl for New Recruits
4/18/2008 American Beacon Buyer Steps Aside from Fund Board Post
4/18/2008 ING Takes Sub-Advisory Mandate In-House
4/18/2008 Wasatch Plans a New Fund
4/18/2008 WSJ Examines 401k Fee Disclosure Bill
4/17/2008 Deal Lifts Cloud Over American Beacon
4/17/2008 More Fido Shareholders Say Nay to Genocide Proposal
4/17/2008 BofA Continues Mining Fidelity Talent
4/17/2008 A Former Fido Broker is Charged with Leaking Trade Info
4/17/2008 BlackRock Earnings Fail to Meet Expectations
4/17/2008 SEC XBRL Guidance Coming Next Week
4/16/2008 NTGI Drops Three More ETFs onto NYSE
4/16/2008 Who Bought American Beacon?
4/16/2008 GEAM Beefs Up its Mutual Fund Sales Team
4/16/2008 UPDATE 1| Private Equity Buys American Beacon
4/16/2008 Janus Marketing Chief Takes the Reins at Fund Trusts
4/16/2008 State Street Q1 Net Rises, But Stock Falls
4/15/2008 Arrow Unveils New Hires
4/15/2008 JanusINTECH Expands Global Consultant Relations Team
4/15/2008 Sentinel Completes Citizens Acquisition
4/15/2008 Power CEO Defends Putnam Progress
4/15/2008 WSJ Looks at Agri ETFs
4/14/2008 Legg on the Lookout for Good Buys
4/14/2008 BNY Tapped to Provide Back Office Support to RevenueShares ETFs
4/14/2008 PowerShares Invites Advisors to Shake Hands With New Active ETFs
4/14/2008 Pimco Names Co-Head of Credit Research
4/14/2008 Integrity Picks a Subadvisor for its Income Fund
4/14/2008 Are ETFs Victimized By their Own Success?
4/11/2008 Intech Co-CIO Quits
4/11/2008 Vanguard Deepens its Ties with a UK Asset Manager
4/11/2008 PowerShares Launches its Active ETFs
4/11/2008 Litman/Gregory Drops TCW as Subadvisor to Two Funds
4/11/2008 WSJ Tells the Tale of Schwab YieldPlus
4/10/2008 Janus Sells Digital Print Biz for $14.5 Million
4/10/2008 More Money Market Trouble
4/10/2008 Lipper Invites Another Sort of Fund to Awards Ceremony
4/9/2008 Northern Trust Banks On ETFs
4/9/2008 Payden & Rygel Pops Out a New Fund
4/9/2008 Fund Shops Not Tapping E-mail Marketing Enough
4/9/2008 Legg Mason to Back Yahoo in Takeover Fight
4/9/2008 MStar: Expense Ratios Stop Free Fall
4/8/2008 SimCorp Upgrades Fund Management Software
4/8/2008 Calamos Names General Counsel
4/8/2008 Are Highly Leveraged and Short-Selling ETFs Worth their Keep?
4/8/2008 Atkins Calls for a 'New Products Czar'
4/7/2008 New Hancock Ad Campaign is Anything but Cursory
4/7/2008 SEC Puts XBRL Data to Use
4/7/2008 Fido Fetches a Long/Short Fund
4/7/2008 Allianz Gets Inspired by H2O for its New Fund
4/7/2008 Ivy Funds Taps Fixed-Income Market for New Fund
4/7/2008 Fido Gives Analysts Some Love
4/7/2008 WSJ Examines India-Focused ETFs
4/7/2008 New San Francisco Fund Shop CIO Talks Strategy
4/4/2008 Gotham Jobs Take the Spotlight
4/4/2008 Old Mutual in The Hunt for New President and CEO
4/4/2008 Two More Fund Firms to Ax B Shares
4/4/2008 Ex-Schwab Institutional Prez Resurfaces
4/4/2008 Stock Funds Pull in $3.06 B in Latest Week
4/4/2008 Ex-Fed Vice Chair to Head Up TIAA-CREF
4/3/2008 BlackStone? BlackRock? BlackBoulder? Well, Whoever
4/3/2008 Natixis President and CEO Takes on Expanded Role
4/3/2008 WisdomTree Names Director of Institutional Sales
4/3/2008 Credit Suisse Taps a New U.S. Asset Management Head
4/3/2008 Federated Launches a Large Cap Quant Fund
4/3/2008 Fund Firms, Others Weigh in on the Summary Prospectus
4/3/2008 Top Tech Exec Out at Fidelity
4/3/2008 Vanguard Global Index Fund to Set Sail
4/2/2008 STAR Awards Set Entry Deadline
4/2/2008 Lazard Adds a Trio of Funds
4/2/2008 Fido and Federated Chew Up Money-Market Fees
4/2/2008 Columbia Finishes Integration of Two Dozen Excelsior Funds
4/2/2008 Stock Funds Fall Fast
4/2/2008 SBAuer Finds a Back Door to Distribution
4/1/2008 U.K Broker Dealer Gets in the U.S. Fund Business
4/1/2008 NYLIM Names New President and CEO
4/1/2008 XBRL Gains Traction Among Fund Companies
4/1/2008 Mass. 529 Shop Names New President
4/1/2008 Merk Mines Asian Currencies for New Fund
4/1/2008 RiverSource Brings in a British Brand
4/1/2008 Ignited by FT: Pearson Reveals Money-Media Purchase Price
4/1/2008 Legg Mason Gives Money Market Fund a Hand

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