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What we do for you Reach the Right Decision Makers
You need to reach the decision makers at each of the more than 800 mutual fund complexes in the United States.

Our readers include: CEOs, CFOs, Heads of Sales, Marketing and other key areas in fund operations. We also reach others allied with the field, including consultants, vendors, financial advisors and investment professionals.

Repeat your message every day, all day!
Our Research shows that people need to see a message at least 20 times before it becomes familiar to them. Make sure decision makers remember your message and they will act on it.

MFWire is the only real-time source of industry news. It also offers research on industry fundamentals such as fund family profiles that draw repeat visits from readers.

Target your message for a custom audience.
Our focused content draws decision makers, making it easy for you to customize your campaign.

How we do it
MFWire.com Web Site
The web site offers banner placements on each page in a variety of sizes.

Daily Emails and News Alerts
Our alerts are sent throughout the day and are "opt-in" with readers. Starting with the AM Alert each day before 9 AM and our PM Alert at the market close at 4 pm. We also send breaking news alerts when important news happens.

Live Events and Meetings
Our Thought Leadership Series brings together top industry executives in small group settings. We also host annual industry summits that bring together more than 100 industry executives.

Opportunities for custom events are also available.

Your Next Step
Contact us at 212-331-8999 to request more details on current opportunities. Ask for Veronica Guzman. Email Sponsor@MFWire.com.