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Stories Published Between 1/1/2003 And 4/1/2003
3/31/2003 SMA Accounts to Grow Six-fold by 2011
3/31/2003 PFPC Expands Services to Hedge Funds
3/31/2003 Foliofn, Back From the Dead?
3/31/2003 Fund Directors Get 8 Percent Raise
3/31/2003 Columbia Management Outlines 529 Distribution
3/31/2003 Placemark Partners to Boost Key Program
3/28/2003 Amerindo Founder Faces Liquidity Crunch
3/28/2003 CDC Hires Columbia Product Exec
3/28/2003 Cooke & Bieler Taps Distribution Help
3/28/2003 Invesco Funds Loses Wholesalers
3/28/2003 PMP Hires BizDev Exec
3/27/2003 Fund Firms Rank Last in Fee Disclosures
3/27/2003 GIS Adds BizDev Exec
3/27/2003 Matrix Teams Up for Asset Managememt Service
3/26/2003 Congress Seeks the ABC of Revenue Sharing
3/26/2003 Blue Sky Firm Names New CEO
3/26/2003 Pax World CoFounder Passes Away
3/26/2003 Putnam Nabs Delaware Researcher
3/26/2003 STC Extends Master Custody to RIAs
3/25/2003 Bisys To Help Out with Distribution
3/25/2003 NY Bank Hands Off Funds
3/25/2003 ICMA Taps Subadvisor For Aggressive Fund
3/24/2003 Glavin Will Depart Scudder
3/24/2003 SanFran Firm Hires Marketer
3/24/2003 Fund Firm Markets Patriot Act Software
3/21/2003 Quant Seeks Marketer
3/21/2003 Nicholas-Applegate Exec Returns
3/21/2003 Pacific Life Will Hold Pimco Stake through 2005
3/21/2003 Kasina Pushing into Europe
3/21/2003 Skandia Vet Lands at Domini
3/21/2003 Franklin & Harvard Settle Row
3/20/2003 LifeHarbor Closes VC Round
3/20/2003 B-D Taps Vista iMAP
3/20/2003 Alliance Rebrands Funds
3/20/2003 Shareholders Pull Assets
3/20/2003 Donahue Took 50 Percent Salary Cut in 2002
3/19/2003 Schwab Sells Brokerage Stake to Waterhouse
3/19/2003 Funds Face PCAOB Levy
3/19/2003 GIS Taps Marketing Firm
3/19/2003 NASD Begins Assessment Phase
3/19/2003 CDC Ixis to Close Three
3/18/2003 Firms Fail to Maximize Relationships
3/18/2003 Lasser Ropes in $7 Million
3/18/2003 Sauter Takes CIO Job at Vanguard
3/18/2003 Templeton Marketing New 529
3/17/2003 No info on Putnam CEO bonus, Says Marsh
3/17/2003 NY to Launch RFPs for its 529 Program
3/17/2003 GE Unit Expands Separately Managed Account
3/17/2003 Coldstream Capital Opens Portland Office
3/17/2003 Several First American Funds Merged
3/17/2003 Regional Broker Taps Placemark
3/17/2003 S&P Shakes Up Outlook Team
3/14/2003 Touchstone Taps National Sales Manager
3/14/2003 PFPC Names Global Sales Head
3/14/2003 Fleet Wins Nevada Mandate
3/13/2003 Lipper Hands Out Kudos
3/13/2003 Pacific Life Will Hang onto Pimco Stake
3/13/2003 Gartner CIO Resigns
3/13/2003 Congressmen will Pen Letter to SEC
3/12/2003 W&R Details Ivy Fund Mergers
3/12/2003 Gabelli Promotes Social Investing Head
3/12/2003 Nations Funds Trimming Lineup
3/12/2003 Fidelity Airs Views to SEC
3/12/2003 Hancock Lands Distribution Head for Annuities
3/12/2003 B/Ds Will Refund Excess Commissions
3/11/2003 Regulators Release Breakpoints Report, Call for More Research
3/11/2003 PFPC Offers Wash Sales Tool as a Stand-Alone Product
3/11/2003 ManuLife Creates HNW Division
3/11/2003 Fund Managers Lose 14,000 Reasons to Go On CNBC
3/11/2003 MetWest Taps ex-Nicholas-Applegate Exec
3/11/2003 UNX Names President
3/11/2003 Schwab Op-Ed Supports Bush on Taxes
3/11/2003 Fund Dies After Manager Packs Up
3/10/2003 Funds will be Center of Attention Wednesday
3/10/2003 UK Bank Lands BoNY CIO for North America
3/10/2003 Alliance Names CEO
3/10/2003 ManuLife Gives a Break on 529
3/7/2003 Citizens Hires Corp Responsibility Head
3/7/2003 Meridian Nabs Marketer from Founders
3/7/2003 Cigna Taps High Yield Specialist
3/6/2003 Portfolio Manager Changes This Week
3/6/2003 Vanguard to Cease RIA Custody Services
3/6/2003 Putnam Cuts Another 60
3/6/2003 AIG Seeks Tech Fund Subadvisor
3/6/2003 Fido Thinks Long-Term
3/6/2003 Fido Ducks Liability But is Hit with Bill
3/5/2003 Georgeson Goes on the Block
3/5/2003 Maryland Firm Seeks Sales Pros
3/5/2003 B-Share Suit Rests On Academic Work
3/5/2003 New Player Offers Protected Funds
3/5/2003 Hancock Reportedly Finds Tower Buyer
3/4/2003 Roche Takes 40 Percent Cut
3/4/2003 Bank Family to Merge Ten
3/4/2003 Fido Incubates Long-Short Fund
3/4/2003 SEC Staff Recommends Actions Against Fund
3/3/2003 Wash. Post Calls for Oxley Probe
3/3/2003 Directors Are Next on AFL-CIO List
3/3/2003 T. Rowe Nominates Director
3/3/2003 US Firms Eye European Buys
2/28/2003 Fidelity Waives, Cuts Loads On 10 Funds
2/28/2003 Protegent Names New CMO
2/28/2003 Wholesalers See New Compensation Plans Amid Downturn
2/28/2003 Janus Capital Launches Risk-Managed Stock Fund
2/28/2003 Templeton to Re-open Long-Short Fund
2/27/2003 Custodian Planning Advisor Show
2/27/2003 Morgan Stanley Sued On Sale Of Mutual Funds
2/27/2003 REITS Pay Says Fund Firm
2/27/2003 Bay Area Firm Fills Client Service and Sales Slot
2/26/2003 What is Fidelity Worth?
2/26/2003 PFPC Promoting Impress Desktop
2/26/2003 JP Morgan Still in Talks in China
2/26/2003 Fido Backs ICI on Portfolio Disclosure
2/26/2003 ICI Publishes Breakpoint Guide
2/26/2003 Nationwide Builds Advisor Tools
2/25/2003 CSF Throws Opens Doors
2/25/2003 Status Quo for US Bancorp Funds
2/25/2003 ETF Providers Get Islamic Indices
2/25/2003 Lipper Promotes Awards Lunch
2/25/2003 LA Bond Shop Slices Fees
2/25/2003 ICI Caught in Web of Politics
2/25/2003 Fido Raises $400 Million
2/24/2003 Lord Abbett Adds Analyst Pair
2/24/2003 AIG SunAmerica Fund Services Names Chief
2/24/2003 PFPC PAR Client Issues RFIs
2/21/2003 Lammert to Leave Janus
2/21/2003 Safeco Growth Manager Departs
2/21/2003 Funds Take Case Against Disclosure to OMB
2/21/2003 American Century Says No to NTF
2/20/2003 Wells Fargo Vet Has New Home
2/20/2003 NASD Names Breakpoint Task Force
2/20/2003 Schwab Adds SMA Tool for Advisors
2/20/2003 PwC Names Fund Practice Head
2/20/2003 As Wachovia Buys US Bancorp Sells
2/20/2003 Enter the Dragon
2/19/2003 Class Action Brought Over Cap Gains
2/19/2003 NY Firm to Convert LP to Fund
2/19/2003 No Raise For You!
2/19/2003 Wachovia & Pru Combine Brokerage Units
2/18/2003 Vanguard to Open Second Opps Center
2/18/2003 Schwab Ready to Open New Bond Fund
2/18/2003 Hidden Costs of Tax Reform
2/18/2003 Seix Wins High Yield Mandate
2/17/2003 Donaldson Set to Take Oath
2/14/2003 Look Who Is Not Talking
2/14/2003 Gabelli Says He is Seeking a COO
2/14/2003 New Fund Shop Opens
2/14/2003 Donaldson In at SEC
2/13/2003 Nationwide Adds Morningstar VA Tools
2/13/2003 Can Tech Fix the Breakpoint Mess?
2/13/2003 JPMorgan Beefs Up Proxy Service
2/13/2003 Smith Barney Promotes Nabhan
2/12/2003 OppFunds Tailors 529 for Advisors
2/12/2003 Judges Let W&R Off the Hook
2/12/2003 Concerns Cause Fund Firm to Cease Quarterly Calls
2/12/2003 S&P and BusinessWeek Join Hands
2/12/2003 Scottish Firm Wins Vanguard Mandate
2/11/2003 Colorado Offers New Stable Value 529 Plan
2/11/2003 Fido Shakes Up Sales to Individuals
2/11/2003 Fund Giants Offer Cash Back to College Savers
2/10/2003 JP Morgan Chase Ready to Behave
2/10/2003 Investec Funds Return Home
2/10/2003 Dokken Gets Planning Role at Pru
2/10/2003 Now Harvard Sues Franklin
2/10/2003 State Street Tapped by German Insurer for Depotbank services
2/10/2003 Asset Management Firms to Triple Spending on e-Mail Efforts
2/7/2003 New Prepaid College Plan Gets the Nod
2/7/2003 Banc One Expands Outsourcing Tie
2/7/2003 JF India Fund to Tap New Advisor
2/6/2003 Vanguard Tweaks Internatonal Growth Fund
2/6/2003 Fidelity Opens Real Estate Income Fund
2/6/2003 Vendor Reaps 10th Year of 20 Percent Growth
2/6/2003 Boston Private Bank Elects New CEO, COO
2/6/2003 Baltimore Bank to Buy Discount Brokerage
2/5/2003 Mantas Technology IDs Fund Breakpoints
2/5/2003 Metzler/Payden Opens Five European Equity Funds
2/5/2003 U.S. Bancorp to Spin-off Piper Jaffray?
2/5/2003 A Large Insurer Praises New Budget Tax Proposal
2/5/2003 First American Renames Slate of Funds
2/4/2003 Yet Another Way LSAs Could Sink 529 Plans
2/4/2003 A Beefed Up SEC Looks More Likely
2/4/2003 Two More Firms Swing the Axe
2/4/2003 Park Avenue Hiring Subadvisors
2/3/2003 American Century Launches Advisor Funds
2/3/2003 ING Outsources SMAs
2/3/2003 New Mexico 529 Enrolls New Class
2/3/2003 ING Offers Sixth IPPF Fund
2/3/2003 LSAs May Replace 529 Plans
2/3/2003 2003 Will be the Year of the Fund
1/31/2003 Heartland Sets Example with its Proxy Dislosure Site
1/31/2003 Enter ERSAs, Bush Proposes New Savings Plans
1/31/2003 Schwab Names Sole CEO
1/31/2003 EnvestnetPMC Says Get Back in the Pool
1/30/2003 ICI Works on Breakpoints
1/30/2003 Merrill Broadens Efforts to Reach Minorities
1/30/2003 Oregon Firm Offers 529 Ed Materials
1/30/2003 Reserve Funds Inking Bank Deals
1/29/2003 Delaware CEO Sees Growth Ahead
1/29/2003 OppFunds Darling Sets Retirement
1/29/2003 Transamerica Promotes Hu
1/29/2003 BabyMint Makes a Buy
1/29/2003 Roye: SEC Wants Input
1/29/2003 Donaldson May Face Confirmation Troubles
1/29/2003 Montgomery to Handoff Four Funds
1/28/2003 Evergreen Discovers Three New Funds
1/28/2003 Cambridge Selects SMA Partner
1/28/2003 Former Invesco CEO Dies of Injuries
1/28/2003 Pitt-bull Will Not Let Go
1/27/2003 National City Swaps Outsourcers
1/27/2003 SEC Plans More Frequent Inspections
1/27/2003 ABN AMRO Names Bond Director
1/27/2003 Lincoln Targets Bank Distribution
1/27/2003 Driehaus Team to Replace Anderson
1/27/2003 Hawaii Bank Deepens Outsourcer Relationship
1/27/2003 Placemark Names Sales Chief
1/27/2003 MLIM Slims Down
1/27/2003 CheckFree Vet Returns to Fold
1/24/2003 E*Trade Dismisses CEO
1/24/2003 Bay City Fund Firm For Sale
1/24/2003 Merrill Consults Research Co-Head Moves to Windy City
1/24/2003 Amvescap Family Office Taps Morgan Stanley Exec
1/23/2003 529 Advisor Web Tool Debuts
1/23/2003 AXA Seeks to Sell non-Proprietary Funds
1/23/2003 Get Ready to File Those Disclosures
1/22/2003 ABN AMRO Adds C & R Shares
1/22/2003 Lockwood Awards Large Cap Growth Mandate
1/22/2003 Hancock Hires Neuberger Analyst
1/22/2003 Dalbar Names 12 Best Service Providers
1/22/2003 SEC Commishes Give Thumbs Up to New Rule
1/22/2003 LA Fund Firm Drops Minimums
1/21/2003 Invesco Funds Names CEO
1/21/2003 Flows At Lowest Level Since 1990
1/21/2003 CRA Unit Taps CEO
1/21/2003 Oppenheimer Courts Institutions with Hedge Funds
1/21/2003 Patriot Act Guide Published
1/21/2003 Wash. Post Supports SEC Over Industry
1/17/2003 Nations Funds Wins Bragging Rights
1/17/2003 Dreyfus Files New Fund
1/17/2003 Putnam Trims IT Staff
1/17/2003 Total Merrill Backs Away From Investing
1/17/2003 Franklin Unveils New Web
1/17/2003 ManuLife Offers Advisors New Tool Kit
1/16/2003 Atlanta Office Adds Two Affluent Sales VPs
1/16/2003 Schroder Vet Takes CIO Post at Fund Firm
1/16/2003 Piper Feels Lucky in Attracting Kids
1/16/2003 Putnam Lovell Taps Robertson Stephens Vet
1/16/2003 NASD Warns Investors on Breakpoints
1/16/2003 SEC Schedules Proxy Rule Vote
1/16/2003 Putnam Adds Stable Value to Program
1/15/2003 Brinker Adds Managers
1/15/2003 Oxley Goes After the Fund Industry
1/15/2003 Johnson Meets the Press
1/14/2003 Heard of a Deemed-IRA?
1/14/2003 How Valuable is NFPs Distribution?
1/14/2003 Is Capital Research Flexing its Muscle?
1/14/2003 Fidelity and Vanguard Lay Together
1/13/2003 Janus Assets Fall 5.5% in December.
1/13/2003 MSRB Proposes Rules on 529 Sales
1/13/2003 Lehman Taps ex-Strong Exec for New Effort
1/13/2003 Lincoln Names Delaware CEO
1/13/2003 Ohio Bank Pushes SMAs
1/13/2003 Bloomberg Shutters Magazine
1/10/2003 Merrill to Bulk Up Sales Force
1/10/2003 PlusFunds Seeks Distributors For Hedge Product
1/10/2003 Bisys Wins U.K. Mandate
1/10/2003 Wachovia Getting Closer to Pru?
1/9/2003 Banc One Unveils New Program
1/9/2003 The Wooing of First Financial Turns Hostile
1/9/2003 Evergreen Adds Retail Shares to Two Funds
1/9/2003 Thornburg Gets a Jump On Dividends
1/9/2003 T. Rowe Price Gets Tipsy
1/9/2003 SEC Proposes Affiliate Transaction Regs
1/9/2003 Embattled, Pitt Continues to Act
1/8/2003 GE Adds Bank Specialist
1/8/2003 Bisys Rolls Out Hedge Fund Platform
1/8/2003 Breakpoints Catch Attention of Lawmakers
1/8/2003 No Tax Break on Money Funds
1/8/2003 Safeco Taps B-D Distribution Chief
1/8/2003 BoNY Adds Pershing to its Portfolio
1/7/2003 EnvestnetPMC Adds Two Managers
1/7/2003 Gabelli Launches Small Cap Value Fund
1/7/2003 W&R Fertilizes its Ivy
1/7/2003 NASD Readying for Action on Breakpoints
1/6/2003 Citi Offers Rebate for Fund Transfers
1/6/2003 Bowne Financial Names President
1/6/2003 Neuberger Names New CIO
1/6/2003 Hancock Hires Pioneer Large-Cap Specialist
1/6/2003 Janus: Will its Independence be Short-lived?
1/6/2003 Victory Seeking Four Sales Pros
1/3/2003 Driehaus Product Head Exits
1/3/2003 Janus Swallowing of Stilwell is Complete
1/3/2003 Phoenix Signs Young to Three-Year Contract
1/2/2003 Schoolhouse Inks Web Distribution Pact
1/2/2003 Hancock Shuffles Top Seats
1/2/2003 Morningstar Names 2002 Managers of the Year
1/2/2003 Strong Opens Minnesota Fund
1/2/2003 Treasury Suggests Final Money-Laundering Rules

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