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Stories Published Between 7/1/2023 And 10/1/2023
9/29/2023 A BondBloxx Alum Returns and a 16-Year BlackRock Vet Joins
9/29/2023 Long-Term Outflows Balloon to $17B
9/28/2023 These Inflows Jumped $94B In a Month
9/28/2023 Six of 2023's Most Powerful Women In Asset Management
9/27/2023 Active Outflows Climb 41 Percent In a Month, And ...
9/27/2023 U.S. ETFs' Flows Market Share Falls to 24 Percent
9/26/2023 Neos Threepeats With $70MM Per Fund
9/26/2023 Five of the Most Trusted Fund Firms In 2023
9/25/2023 YieldMax Repeats, Thanks to $424MM
9/25/2023 Week In Preview, September 25 - October 1
9/22/2023 A Multi-Boutique's Inflows Double to $538MM
9/22/2023 Flows Sour By $35.5B In a Week
9/21/2023 With a 54-Percent Inflows Jump, WisdomTree Wins
9/21/2023 Seven of the Most Trustworthy Fund Firms In 2023
9/20/2023 With $1.998B, Schwab Regains the Lead
9/20/2023 Wholesaling Still Influences Decisions
9/19/2023 Fido Wins With $8B As Passive Flows Fall 83 percent
9/19/2023 AMs' Profits Fall 21 Percent, But ...
9/18/2023 A $47.5B-AUM Firm's 14th ETF Arrives
9/18/2023 Week In Preview, September 18 - September 24
9/15/2023 Crossmark Adds a 5-Year Voya IM Alum
9/15/2023 Stock Funds Drive an $18B Flows Reversal
9/14/2023 For an Options-Powered Fund, Defiance Teams Up
9/14/2023 A $1.3B-AUM Alts Shop Adopts Into the ETF Biz, And ...
9/13/2023 Rockefeller Float Its First ETF With a New Ally
9/13/2023 Fund #2 Crosses $100MM In 20 Months
9/12/2023 A $3.8T-AUM Firm's New Fund Targets the Dividend Aristocracy
9/12/2023 Seven Fund Firms Win On a 2023 List
9/11/2023 A 10-Year-Old Firm's New Fund Bets On Luxury
9/11/2023 Week In Preview, September 11 - September 17
9/8/2023 With a New ETF, an MA Shop Stacks Stocks and Futures
9/8/2023 Industry Inflows Rise to $9.6B
9/7/2023 Teaming Up, a $64B-AUM Firm Enters the ETF Space
9/7/2023 Baird Bets On a Liquid Alts Shop, And ...
9/6/2023 A 14-Year-Old Income Strat Powers a New ETF
9/6/2023 Six Years In, a Small Cap Fund Exceeds $3B
9/5/2023 Long-Term Outflows Fall $9B As Money Fund Flows Jump $15B
9/5/2023 Week In Preview, September 5 - September 10
9/1/2023 Happy Labor Day Weekend!
9/1/2023 Will the SEC Accept Bitcoin ETPs? Brace For a Big October Week
8/31/2023 With a Familiar Ally, Am Beacon Joins the ETF Trend, And ...
8/31/2023 15 of the Best Employers For Women Fundsters In 2023
8/30/2023 13 Years In, a Wirehouse Gatekeeper Joins MassMutual
8/30/2023 Grayscale Preps Next Bitcoin ETF Steps After Its Court Victory
8/29/2023 AXS Adopts and Revamps a $95MM-AUM Fund
8/29/2023 YWCA Celebrates Five Years In the ETF Space
8/28/2023 VanEck Debuts a New Version of a $612MM-AUM Fund
8/28/2023 Week In Preview, August 28 - September 4
8/25/2023 Money Fund Outflows Return As Stock Fund Outflows Quintuple
8/25/2023 6 Percent of AUM, But 18 Percent of Inflows
8/24/2023 JPMAM Flows Jump $27B
8/24/2023 Three Fund Firms That Care In 2023
8/23/2023 JPMAM Threepeats, and BlackRock Repeats
8/23/2023 Watch For Interval Funds' Widening Lead Over Tender-Offer Funds
8/22/2023 Neos Repeats, Netting $88MM Per Fund
8/22/2023 Ex-Employees Sue a Presidential Candidate and His ETF Startup
8/21/2023 YieldMax Takes the Lead With $303MM
8/21/2023 Week In Preview, August 21 - August 27
8/18/2023 KraneShares' Flows Rebound By $1B
8/18/2023 Stock Fund Outflows Fall 77 Percent As Money Fund Inflows Spike
8/17/2023 VanEck Leads With a 32-Fold Inflows Jump
8/17/2023 Gagliano and Shaffer Join a Distro Support Startup
8/16/2023 Goldman Leads With $854MM
8/16/2023 FAs Lean More On Their Go-To Fund Firms
8/15/2023 BlackRock Repeats, Netting $17B
8/15/2023 McNabb Helps a 54-Year-Old VC
8/14/2023 A Cali Startup Says Good Night to Its 3rd Fund
8/14/2023 Week In Preview, August 14 - August 20
8/11/2023 Before a Mass ETF Sale, a $69MM-AUM Fund Will Shutter
8/11/2023 Industry Inflows Return, Despite Equity Outflows Quadrupling
8/10/2023 The Bull Market Might Not Boost Fundsters' 2023 Bonuses, But ...
8/10/2023 A $1.27T-AUM Firm Debuts Its 9th, 10th Active ETFs
8/9/2023 A $199B-AUM Firm Adds Two Active Fixed Income ETFs
8/9/2023 Which FAs Prefer MFs and SMAs For Active Strats?
8/8/2023 Who Will Lead Marketing For a $486B-AUM Fund Firm?
8/8/2023 3 Years, 12 Funds, $90MM In AUM
8/7/2023 In Boston, a 27-Year Vet Joins a Miami Fund Firm
8/7/2023 Week In Preview, August 7 - August 13
8/4/2023 Net Flows Fall $36B, And ...
8/4/2023 An ETF Startup's AUM Doubles to $2B
8/3/2023 A $54B-AUM Boutique's 2nd ETF Debuts
8/3/2023 15 Years of Helping Fundsters Improve Distro Effectiveness
8/2/2023 Houston Sees Principal AM Off to a Good Q3 Start
8/2/2023 SEC Smites an Exiting ETF Entrepreneur, As Expected
8/1/2023 Teaming Up, a Nevada OCIO Enters the MF Biz
8/1/2023 $2B In AUM and 10 ETFs In Less Than a Year
7/31/2023 BondBloxx's O'Donnell Hires In Philly
7/31/2023 Week In Preview, July 31 - August 6
7/28/2023 The $597B Half-Year
7/28/2023 Stock Fund Flows Rebound By $5.5B
7/27/2023 90 Percent of Passive June Inflows Went to Five Firms
7/27/2023 A $200MM-AUM Shop's Flagship Turns Five
7/26/2023 Neos Takes the Lead With $99MM Per Fund
7/26/2023 A $210B-AUM Fund Firm Will Buy Into the ETF Biz
7/25/2023 Strive Leads With $102MM
7/25/2023 Katie Adds a JPMAM Vet to TCW's Leadership Team
7/24/2023 Simplify's Inflows Jump Tenfold
7/24/2023 Week In Preview, July 24 - July 30
7/21/2023 Midside Firms' Outflows Quadruple In Q2
7/21/2023 Over 17 Months of Weekly Outflows
7/20/2023 Schwab Dominates As Large Firm Outflows Shrink By 89 Percent
7/20/2023 Sam Resigns, Pre-Sale and Post-Wells Notices
7/19/2023 Vanguard Leads With $43B
7/19/2023 Three of the Best Fund Firms For Millennials In 2023
7/18/2023 Brian Brings an NY Key Accounts Vet to a CA Shop
7/18/2023 Jeff Preps an $80B-AUM Firm's Recap
7/17/2023 David and Paul Debut Their 26th ETF
7/17/2023 Week In Preview, July 17 - July 23
7/14/2023 Jill and Bill Unveil PAM's 15th ETF
7/14/2023 Net Flows Fall $41B In a Week
7/13/2023 An $870B-AUM Firm Adds Its 30th ETF
7/13/2023 Is the SEC Repeating Past Errors Or Helping MMFs Weather the Next Storm?
7/12/2023 Gensler and Co Pass New Money Fund Regs
7/12/2023 Jono Hits Go On Tokenized Mutual Funds!
7/11/2023 Surloff Brings an 11-Year Russell Vet Up to the C-Suite, And ...
7/11/2023 3 Years, 26 ETFs, and $2B In AUM
7/10/2023 13 Years In, a Russell C-Suiter Departs
7/10/2023 Week In Preview, July 10 - July 16
7/7/2023 Loomis Powers Natixis IM's 4th ETF
7/7/2023 Long-Term Inflows Jump By $7B, And ...
7/6/2023 Magoon Preps a Mass Adoption That Would Double His Biz
7/6/2023 Faber Celebrates Cambria's OG ETF's 1st Decade
7/5/2023 A $25B-AUS Unit Adds 4 ETFs of ETFs
7/5/2023 A Blockchain Creator Joins the Mutual Fund World
7/3/2023 Exchanges Amend ETP Apps to ID Coinbase
7/3/2023 Happy 4th of July!
7/3/2023 Week In Preview, July 3 - July 9

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