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Stories Published Between 4/1/2022 And 7/1/2022
6/30/2022 An Expect Miracles Leader Steps Back and Up
6/30/2022 An ETF Startup Bets On the Night
6/29/2022 A Pru Alum Joins a $1.21T-AUA Firm's C-Suite
6/29/2022 Fund Firms React to Roe v. Wade's Demise
6/28/2022 A Distro Leader Retires From a $65B-AUM Firm
6/28/2022 Will a $4.1B-AUM Fund Firm Sell?
6/27/2022 Communicating In Brutal Markets
6/27/2022 Week In Preview, June 27 - July 4
6/24/2022 In One Month, an $80B Reversal
6/24/2022 Industry Outflows Fall By $25B
6/23/2022 Passive Funds Bounce Back By $74B
6/23/2022 Nominate Star Fund Firms!
6/22/2022 Outflows Per Fund Fall By $1.19MM
6/22/2022 A Four-ETF Sale Closes
6/21/2022 A Texas Startup Wins In May
6/21/2022 Week In Preview, June 21 - June 26
6/17/2022 Happy Juneteenth Weekend!
6/17/2022 Long-Term Outflows Septuple to $36B
6/16/2022 Innovator Repeats, Yet Small Firms' Outflows Double
6/16/2022 7 Years, $15.2B AUM, 45 Funds, 126 Employees
6/15/2022 ProShares Leads a Shrinking Midsize Winners List
6/15/2022 Pondering the SEC's $187MM Attack On Schwab's Robo
6/14/2022 Schwab Repeats As $2.226B Flows In
6/14/2022 A $370B-AUM Pair Are Officially Engaged
6/13/2022 Outflows Continue, Despite a $74B Passive Flows Reversal
6/13/2022 Week In Preview, June 13 - June 20
6/10/2022 MMI Hires a College Admissions Vet
6/10/2022 $24B Flows Into Money Funds, But ...
6/9/2022 After 30+ Years, a Fund Back Office Exec Retires
6/9/2022 Suisse Street?
6/8/2022 An 85-Year-Old Firm Preps 8 ETFs
6/8/2022 Gross Wins His Glass Sculpture Fight
6/7/2022 In Cali, a Roboadvisor Enters the ETF Biz
6/7/2022 Seven Fundster LGBT+ Gamechangers
6/6/2022 A $579B-AUM Firm Enters a New ETF Space
6/6/2022 Week In Preview, June 6 - June 12
6/3/2022 A $4T-AUM Titan Expands Its ESG Line
6/3/2022 A $55B Swing In a Week
6/2/2022 A $1.4T-AUM Firm Adds Two Funds
6/2/2022 Mister Market Smiled On Fund Firms In May
6/1/2022 Expect Miracles Wraps Biggest Fundraiser Yet
6/1/2022 A $967B-AUM Multinational's Chief Resigns
5/31/2022 Money Fund Outflows Octuple In a Month
5/31/2022 Week In Preview, May 31 - June 5
5/27/2022 A $104B Reversal In One Month
5/27/2022 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
5/27/2022 Long-Term Funds Net $3.7B
5/26/2022 Bridge Builder Repeats Its Win
5/26/2022 MassMutual Doubles Down On a Familiar Ally to Fundsters
5/25/2022 A Multiboutique Wins As Micro Firms Buck the Industry's Flows Pain
5/25/2022 An Ex-CEO Fundster Will Advise a $121B-AUM Firm
5/24/2022 Innovator Leads As Small Firms' Outflows Fall 23 Percent
5/24/2022 Asset Managers' Revenue Falls Seven Percent, But ...
5/23/2022 Direxion Leads As the Midsize Winners List Shrinks
5/23/2022 Week In Preview, May 23 - May 30
5/20/2022 Only One-Eighth of Large Firms Net Inflows
5/20/2022 Long-Term Outflows Fall 42 Percent
5/19/2022 A $104B Fall
5/19/2022 More Than $100MM In Less Than 8 Months
5/18/2022 A Two-Year-Old Startup Launches Its 23rd ETF
5/18/2022 Under SEC Fire, a $120B-AUM Biz Will Sell
5/17/2022 What Is This $1.5T-AUM Titan's Chief Hunting For?
5/17/2022 Peltz Ups His Bets On Two Fund Firms
5/16/2022 Active Personalization Is the New Active Investing
5/16/2022 Week In Preview, May 16 - May 22
5/13/2022 An Insti Bond Trading Platform Teams With an ETF Titan
5/13/2022 14 Weeks of Outflows, and Counting
5/12/2022 A $13B-AUM Shop Builds an Industry 4.0 Fund
5/12/2022 For the First Time In Almost Three Years ...
5/11/2022 A $33B-AUM Shop Debuts Its 4th ETF
5/11/2022 Up 136 Percent In Four Months
5/10/2022 An $88B-AUM Multi-Boutique Switches Chiefs
5/10/2022 Will 2022 Wipe Out Three Years of Bonus Gains?
5/9/2022 A $659B-AUM Firm Adds 3 EM Funds
5/9/2022 Week In Preview, May 9 - May 15
5/6/2022 A $1.6T-AUM Firm Expands Its Commodity Fund Suite
5/6/2022 Equity Fund Outflows Fall 74 Percent
5/5/2022 A $2.6T-AUM Firm Debuts Its 41st ETF
5/5/2022 The 17 Best Fund Firms For Diversity
5/4/2022 A $1.1B-AUM Firm Takes On Stagflation
5/4/2022 Welcome to a $735B-AUM Firm's New HQ
5/3/2022 Who Will Take Over This $1.3T-AUM Firm?
5/3/2022 Most Fund Firms Felt Mister Market's April Pain
5/2/2022 Two Launches - Double Down On One Fund Or Bet Against Another
5/2/2022 Week In Preview, May 2 - May 8
4/29/2022 A $43B-AUM Gotham Shop Bets On VR
4/29/2022 $28B Flows In, But ...
4/28/2022 A 91-Year-Old Firm's COO Passes the Reins
4/28/2022 $390B and $453B Out of $10.08T
4/27/2022 A $2.4B-AUM Shop Adds Two Funds
4/27/2022 An NYC Shop Bets On Carbon Offsets and Transformation
4/26/2022 These Funds' $159B Pain Dominated Q1
4/26/2022 A 58-Year-Old Shop Enters the ETF Biz
4/25/2022 A $113B Active Flows Collapse
4/25/2022 Week In Preview, April 25 - May 1
4/22/2022 Inflows Per Fund Fall 81 Percent
4/22/2022 The Industry Takes an $85B Flows Hit
4/21/2022 $440MM In a Month
4/21/2022 Baird and Primecap Win Big
4/20/2022 Innovator Leads With $916MM
4/20/2022 11 Years In, a Midwestern Firm Crosses a Milestone
4/19/2022 ProShares Three-Peats With $2.59B
4/19/2022 $13B AUM and Counting
4/18/2022 Bridge Builder's Inflows Quadruple, Breaking a 5-Month Schwab Streak
4/18/2022 Week In Preview, April 18 - April 24
4/14/2022 Happy Ramadan, Happy Passover, and Happy Easter!
4/14/2022 A $1.5B-AUM Fund Firm Wins Online
4/13/2022 Industry Flows Fall 36 Percent, Despite a 21-Percent Jump For Titans
4/13/2022 The Three Best Fund Firms to Work For In 2022
4/12/2022 A $70B-AUM Firm Supplies a New ETF
4/12/2022 Barclays Teams Up With a $134B-AUM Fund Firm
4/11/2022 This Year, There Are Four Firms Contending ...
4/11/2022 Week In Preview, April 11 - April 17
4/8/2022 A $160B-AUM Firm Adds Two Bond Funds
4/8/2022 Flows Invert, Plunging $65.7B
4/7/2022 A $460B-AUM Active Firm Launches Three ETFs
4/7/2022 An Alts-Focused Firm Adopts a $450MM-AUM Fund Fam
4/6/2022 A $231B-AUS Firm Adds a Small Cap Fund
4/6/2022 A Tech Titan Bets On a $4.4B-AUM Shop
4/5/2022 An Ex-Fundster Chief Advises a Dept Store Titan
4/5/2022 11 Years Post-IPO, a 52-Year-Old Fund Firm Sells
4/4/2022 20 Years, 79 People, 425 Articles, $169 Billion
4/4/2022 Week In Preview, April 4 - April 10
4/1/2022 April Fools For Fundsters
4/1/2022 Inflows Triple to $32B, But ...

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