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Stories Published Between 4/1/2021 And 7/1/2021
6/30/2021 A $12.7B-AUM AM Adds an ESG Chief
6/30/2021 J.P. Morgan Takes the MMF Lead
6/29/2021 Active Inflows Fall 74 Percent
6/29/2021 Ark Is Still On Top YTD, But ...
6/28/2021 While Other Flows Zig, the Smallest Firms Zag
6/28/2021 Week In Preview, June 28 - July 5
6/25/2021 After 22 Years With a Giant, a Fund Supermarket's Ex-Chief Retires
6/25/2021 Outflows Slip, No Thanks to Money Funds
6/24/2021 What Will AI Mean For AM? A Fund Titan's Chief Predicts
6/24/2021 A $600B-AUM Alts Shop Wins Among Small Fund Firms
6/23/2021 Will a $345B-AUM AM Chief Find Simple Excellence In More M&A?
6/23/2021 Gatch Weighs In On ESG Disclosures and DE&I
6/22/2021 Expect Miracles Goes the Social Distance
6/22/2021 Dodge & Cox, Fidelity, and Pimco Win Big
6/21/2021 Three CEOs Talk DE&I and WFH
6/21/2021 Week In Preview, June 21 - 27
6/18/2021 ProShares and KraneShares Take the Midsize Lead
6/18/2021 Weekly Money Market Outflows Quadruple, And ...
6/17/2021 On DE&I, Fundsters Suggest Listening Up
6/17/2021 24 Rising Stars Shine
6/16/2021 Thomas Sees Fundsters' "Tremendous Moral Opportunity"
6/16/2021 The $1.023T Inflows Year
6/15/2021 A 23-Year Company Vet Will Rise to Prez of a $325B-AUM AM
6/15/2021 M* Shines Its Light On Ten Fund Firms
6/14/2021 A PE-Backed Multiboutique Closes Its 2nd 2020s Deal
6/14/2021 Week In Preview, June 14 - June 20
6/11/2021 A $1.59T-AUM Fund Firm Adds an Alts Distro Chief
6/11/2021 Fixed Income Inflows Dominate This Week, And ...
6/10/2021 A $24B-AUM Shop Adds Two Thematic Funds
6/10/2021 An Ex-Mellon Distro Leader Joins an AM Incubator
6/9/2021 A $76B-AUM AM Targets the Biology Revolution
6/9/2021 Five Active Equity ETFs and Counting At a $1.59T-AUM AM
6/8/2021 A $2.06T-AUM AM Adds a Two Focused ESG Funds
6/8/2021 A $1.3B-AUM Startup's Fund Lineup Expands to Seven
6/7/2021 A $16B-AUM Boutique's CFO Passes the Reins, And ...
6/7/2021 Week In Preview, June 7 - June 13
6/4/2021 A 21-Fund Firm Expands a $2.9B-AUM Relationship
6/4/2021 $150T By 2030?
6/3/2021 Novick Resurfaces, Joining a Board
6/3/2021 Doll Crosses Over to a Faith-Based Boutique
6/2/2021 Next Up For a $197B-AUM Active Shop: More Alts?
6/2/2021 An Activist ESG Startup Enters the ETF Biz
6/1/2021 A Nine-Year-Old Thematic Fund Crosses $1B
6/1/2021 Week In Preview, June 1 - June 6
5/28/2021 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
5/28/2021 A Star Growth PM and Entrepreneur Dies at 81
5/27/2021 Who Are the Fundster STARs In the Age of COVID?
5/27/2021 Via SPAC, a $4.7B-AUM Robo Will Go Public
5/26/2021 Two SVPs Rise At a 63-Year-Old Firm
5/26/2021 Reynolds Kicks Off Putnam's ETF Push
5/25/2021 Fundsters' DC Voice Gets a New Virtual Look
5/25/2021 A $74B-AUM Shop Switches CFOs, and ...
5/24/2021 MMF Inflows Fall 53 Percent
5/24/2021 Week In Preview, May 24 - May 31
5/21/2021 A $1.4T-AUM AM's Chief Rises
5/21/2021 Slipping Inflows Are Spreading Out
5/20/2021 After a $76B-AUM Deal, What's Next For This Multinational?
5/20/2021 A Contrarian Boutique Wins In April
5/19/2021 Micro Firms' Inflows Dip Nine Percent, But ...
5/19/2021 The Low-Cost Leviathan Brings PE to Retail
5/18/2021 Small Firms' Inflows Climb 39 Percent
5/18/2021 Am Cent's Hobbs Appoints Two Senior Leaders
5/17/2021 Year-Over-Year, Midsize Firms' Marketshare Slips 23 Percent
5/17/2021 Week In Preview, May 17 - May 23
5/14/2021 Long-Term Inflows Fall By 19 Percent
5/14/2021 D&I Leaders Call For Resources, Not Just Initiatives
5/13/2021 O'Hanley Talks ESG
5/13/2021 A Golden Anniversary For Fund Education
5/12/2021 Up 21 Percent YOY - A Boutique's AUM Rebounds
5/12/2021 An ETF Boutique's AUM Jumps 129 Percent
5/11/2021 A $249B-AUM AM's Earnings Rise YOY
5/11/2021 91 Years In, a Firm Debuts Its 7th Fund
5/10/2021 A Backer of Fundsters Has Invested $397MM
5/10/2021 Week In Preview, May 10 - May 16
5/7/2021 A $1.7B-AUM Fund Family Merges Into a Sibling
5/7/2021 WNBA's Chief and a Remote Work Expert Talk to Fundsters
5/6/2021 What Are Voya and William Blair's IM Chiefs Focused On?
5/6/2021 Seitz Brings Two Senior Leaders to Russell
5/5/2021 A $59B-AUM Fund Firm Preps ETFs
5/5/2021 A Tech Leader Rises at State Street
5/4/2021 A Biodiversity-Focused Boutique Preps More Strats For Q2 and Q3
5/4/2021 An Ex Fundster Chief Resurfaces At a $30B-AUMA WM Firm
5/3/2021 A $74B-AUM Multiboutique's Chief Passes the Reins
5/3/2021 Week In Preview, May 3 - May 9
4/30/2021 Ivy lands At Its New Home
4/30/2021 $5B AUM and Counting
4/29/2021 Thornburg's Brady Hires a 25-Year USAA Vet
4/29/2021 Four Fundster CEOs Win a Trade Pub's Praise
4/28/2021 After 18 Years, a Director Exits AllianzGI
4/28/2021 A 59-Year-Old Star Value PM Dies
4/27/2021 Four Years In, an MD Rises at a $3.9B-AUM Fixed Income Shop
4/27/2021 MMF Inflows Jump 48 Percent
4/26/2021 One Year After the Lockdowns, Active No Longer Dominates Flows
4/26/2021 Week In Preview, April 26 - May 2
4/23/2021 Proportionately, Inflows Climb Another Eight Percent
4/23/2021 A $2T-AUM Investing Chief Passes the Reins
4/22/2021 To Win with the Next Generation, Asset Managers Need to Change the Culture
4/22/2021 Micro Firms' Inflows Rise as AUM Marketshare Drops
4/21/2021 Small Firms' Marketshare Drops 24 Percent, Yet ...
4/21/2021 Browne, Hougan, and Wood Ponder the Future of ETFs
4/20/2021 Ark and DFA Win Big
4/20/2021 Midsize Inflows Slip 45 Percent
4/19/2021 Passive Inflows Rise 25 Percent, But ...
4/19/2021 Week In Preview, April 19 - April 25
4/16/2021 An ETF Shop Adds a Digital Assets Researcher After a Launch
4/16/2021 Booth Pushes Back Against the Latest Fads
4/15/2021 Two Years In, a Five-Fund Shop Reaches Out
4/15/2021 Some Fundsters and Fund Firms Sign a Voting Rights Ad
4/14/2021 Trade Groups Weigh In As Senate Confirms Biden's SEC Chief Pick
4/14/2021 A DC Fund Firm's Websites Win
4/13/2021 An Ex-AM Chief Retires From TIAA
4/13/2021 Will BlackRock, DWS, Or SSGA Snap Up a $477B-AUM AM?
4/12/2021 Semi-Retirement Calls to a Fund-Marketer-Turned-Consultant
4/12/2021 Week In Preview, April 12 - April 18
4/9/2021 What a Two-Year-Old Acquirer Is Hunting For
4/9/2021 A Global, High-Conviction ESG Fund Crosses Five Years
4/8/2021 Three Years and $1B In AUM
4/8/2021 A $635B-AUM Multinational's Americas Chief Rises
4/7/2021 A Gotham Acquirer Adopts a $15MM Pair
4/7/2021 The U.S. MF Industry's 19 Billionaires
4/6/2021 A $47B-AUMA Firm's Board Grows to Seven
4/6/2021 A $939B-AUM Multinational's Chief Hunts
4/5/2021 Hamilton Lane Wraps Up a Liquid Alts Shop Purchase
4/5/2021 Week In Preview, April 5 - April 11
4/1/2021 Happy Passover and Happy Easter!
4/1/2021 April Fools For Fundsters

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