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Stories Published Between 4/1/2006 And 7/1/2006
6/30/2006 Jury Finds Ex-Pimco Executive Liable in Canary Case
6/30/2006 Round-Up
6/30/2006 Wyderko Fill-In Named
6/30/2006 A Whirlwind of Challenges to Hedge Funds' Footloose Ways
6/30/2006 Calamos Plans Fund Sampler
6/30/2006 Chicago-Area Fund Firm Goes All Out on College Savings
6/29/2006 Do You Know What an RSS Feed Can Do For You?
6/29/2006 Genworth Buys Fund Firm to Build Up AM Arm
6/29/2006 Get Your Terror-Free Indexing Here
6/29/2006 Firm Gets New Management to Match New Business
6/29/2006 T. Rowe Doubles Down Out West
6/29/2006 No Hard Feelings in Janus Succession
6/29/2006 Fund Flow Struggles Are Ongoing for Some
6/29/2006 Jury Deliberating in Trial of Ex-Pimco Exec
6/28/2006 Treadway Defense Rests
6/28/2006 Mutual Fund Inflows Plunge
6/28/2006 Special Equity Fund Opens
6/28/2006 Gotham Financial Services Analysts Want Asset Allocation Tools
6/27/2006 Ex-Chartwell Managers Launch New Firm
6/27/2006 Massachusetts Firms Launch Wireless Program
6/27/2006 Treadway Case: The Halftime Report
6/26/2006 Keystone Fund Firm Up For Grabs?
6/26/2006 Midwestern Firm Launches Two New ETFs
6/26/2006 SEC's Hedge Fund Rule Arbitrary, Court Decides
6/26/2006 PIMCO Trial: Corba Cross-Examined
6/23/2006 Vanguard Brings Its Low-Cost Shares to EM Fund
6/23/2006 Rydex Has Set the Date
6/23/2006 SSgA Releases Six New SPDRs
6/23/2006 Canary Broker Takes the Stand
6/23/2006 "Insider Tips" Spark Spitzer's Interest
6/22/2006 SEC Turns to Funds of Funds
6/22/2006 Federated Shops for Green Mountain State Funds
6/22/2006 BlackRock Shows Off Range of Merged Funds
6/22/2006 Two Centennial State Fund Veterans Retire
6/22/2006 Are Pension Managers Hungry for DC Business?
6/22/2006 The Burden of Market Timing
6/21/2006 An Avenue Re-Opens to Real Estate Investors
6/21/2006 Fidelity Plans 1200 Sunshine State Jobs
6/21/2006 Leveraged ETFs Get Up And Running
6/21/2006 Six Rydex Currency Shares to Launch
6/20/2006 Suit Takes Issue With Fund Fees Paid
6/20/2006 Marketocracy Takes Novel Approach, But Seeks Staying Power
6/20/2006 New Firm Digs Industry-Wide for Sales Staff
6/20/2006 Franklin Sees Global Prospects
6/19/2006 A Mutual Fund for Democrats?
6/19/2006 Hancock Continues Sales Push
6/19/2006 Bisys Offers Entree to RIA Market
6/19/2006 Janus Chooses Data Reporting System
6/19/2006 Fund Company Upgrades to Save Advisors Time
6/16/2006 Round-Up
6/16/2006 EM Panic Passes Month Mark
6/16/2006 BlackRock and Forward Veteran Goes Hedge
6/16/2006 Lavish Party Launches Dividend ETFs
6/16/2006 New MSRB Rules Increase Broker Obligations
6/16/2006 RIA Lets Everyone In On Portfolio "Masters"
6/16/2006 Fidelity Switches Benchmarks
6/15/2006 Broker on the Bay Slashes MF Transaction Fees
6/15/2006 ING Emails Reveal Market-Timing Concern
6/15/2006 13 Lucky For Vanguard's Crew
6/15/2006 Fidelity Replaces New Millenium Maestro
6/15/2006 Mellon Subsidiary Stages Record Launch
6/14/2006 Fidelity Funds Thrive Under Jonas
6/14/2006 A Cooperative SEC Seeks Governance Comments
6/13/2006 Merrill Shelf-Space Suit Dismissed
6/13/2006 H&R Block Faces Shareholder Offensive
6/13/2006 More Math To Do At Bisys
6/13/2006 A Better Way to Index?
6/13/2006 TIAA-CREF Replaces Departed CFO
6/12/2006 More Business for Busy State Street
6/12/2006 ICI Releases Fee Check-Up, Talks XBRL
6/12/2006 Phoenix Renames New Addition
6/12/2006 Hancock Upgrades Online Arsenal
6/9/2006 Round-Up
6/9/2006 Vanguard Drops Advisor To Get More William Blair
6/9/2006 NH Charges ING on MF Dealings
6/9/2006 Morgan Stanley Brings Hedge Product to Smaller Fry
6/9/2006 Bank's Fund Business Up For Sale?
6/9/2006 PowerShares Powering Ahead
6/8/2006 Movement in the New Direxion
6/8/2006 SEC in Compliance Settlement With Advisor
6/8/2006 Not a Ton of BRICs in New Dow Index
6/8/2006 IRS Gives Commodities Funds More Time
6/8/2006 Merrill Wants No Trouble With BlackRock Deal
6/7/2006 Georgia Fund Firm Draws From Seligman
6/7/2006 Retail Retirement Booming, At Least at Fidelity
6/7/2006 What's Gained by Tracking Competitors?
6/7/2006 Vanguard Sets More Target Date Horizons
6/7/2006 More Ways to Bond With Nuveen
6/6/2006 Gabelli Settles With Justice Department
6/6/2006 Russell Goes Global With Indexing
6/6/2006 MFDF Lures SEC's Wyderko
6/6/2006 Real Estate Fund Shifts Gears Against Inflation
6/6/2006 European CEOs Talk Retirement Income, Management Fees
6/6/2006 The Reserve CIO Moves On
6/5/2006 Former Janus Manager Not Through With Mutual Funds
6/5/2006 Vanguard Has New Low-Cost Shares for Institutional Market
6/5/2006 Will Fidelity Move More From Boston?
6/5/2006 Hands Off, Another Judge Tells Lockyer
6/2/2006 Are Funds More Fearless in Europe?
6/2/2006 American Century Aggressive on New Quant Funds
6/2/2006 Rydex Adds Four to Family
6/2/2006 Wall Street Tolls 25 Years of Funds in 401(k)s
6/2/2006 MassMutual Legal Eagle Flies to Hancock
6/2/2006 Templeton: Four EMs Better Than One
6/1/2006 Donahue To Take Top Job At DTCC
6/1/2006 Schwab Hires SMA Service Provider
6/1/2006 New England Asset Manager Names New CIO
6/1/2006 Merrill Manager Makes Jump To Oppenheimer
6/1/2006 Heartland Investment Manager Launches Legacy Funds
5/31/2006 American Funds, Fidelity Surge in April
5/31/2006 Has Magellan Come Round the Far Side?
5/31/2006 State Street's Logue Maps Road Forward
5/30/2006 Time to Distance Funds from Emerging Markets?
5/30/2006 Domini Opts Out of Indexing, Sticks With Subadvisor
5/30/2006 A Too-Long Weekend for AIG
5/30/2006 SEC Lets ProFunds Do Its Thing
5/26/2006 First Cloud for Silver ETF
5/26/2006 SEC Continues Case Against Columbia Execs
5/26/2006 BlackRock Absorbing Merrill Funds
5/26/2006 State Street Wants Credit for Its ETFs
5/25/2006 Wanna Buy Gartmore US? Then This Sale's Not for You
5/25/2006 Phillips Hints at Morningstar's Next Numbers
5/25/2006 Subadvisor Number Six for Managers Special Equity
5/25/2006 Inflows Drive Eaton Vance Gains
5/25/2006 How's Your Virtual Value?
5/24/2006 NYLIM Gets New CEO
5/24/2006 Oppenheimer Funds Names Webman Chief Economist
5/24/2006 Al Frank Launches Advisor Class Shares
5/24/2006 Fidelity Keeps Sights on International Markets
5/24/2006 Diamond Hill Enjoying Fruits of Patience
5/23/2006 New Publication Provides Money Fund Data, Analysis
5/23/2006 Seen and Heard at ICI
5/23/2006 Thornburg Bucks Lifestyle Trend, Offers New Global Fund
5/23/2006 Morgan Stanley Fund to Change Names, Focus
5/23/2006 Fidelity Fixes Filing Errors
5/23/2006 Fund Expense Ratios Continue To Head South
5/22/2006 Gold Miners ETF Begins Trading
5/22/2006 Bisys Gives Abbreviated Quarterly Update
5/22/2006 Evergreen Partners With University
5/22/2006 MF Conference Emphasizes Retirement, DC Plans
5/19/2006 Class-Action Law Firm Charged With Fraud
5/19/2006 PIMCO Commodity Fund Readied for IRS Deadline
5/18/2006 Thomas Weisel Enters Unbundling Pact With Fidelity
5/18/2006 Bush Names SEC Nominee
5/18/2006 FRC's Bathon Hands Over to Former ADP Exec
5/18/2006 NASD Chairman Supports Regulation, Disclosure
5/18/2006 ICAP Funds to Join NYLIM
5/18/2006 Mellon Buys Scottish AM Firm
5/17/2006 Guardian To Buy Majority Stake In RS Investments
5/17/2006 Schott Looks to Innovation and the Future
5/17/2006 Bisys Secures Contract Renewals
5/17/2006 Cox, Spitzer Talk Enforcement
5/17/2006 Ameriprise Sub Ordered To Pay $22 Million
5/17/2006 Mesirow Expands Fund Consulting with Ex-Ibbotson Hires
5/17/2006 Bogle Blogs
5/16/2006 SEC Commish Resigns; Donohue Sworn In
5/16/2006 GE Asset Management Picks New CEO
5/16/2006 PFPC Unveils 22c-2 Product
5/16/2006 Schwab Plans New International Fund
5/16/2006 Swiss Bank Subsidiary Expands U.S. Fund Offerings
5/15/2006 Putnam Names Institutional Account Manager
5/15/2006 SEC Offers Regional Seminars for Chief Compliance Officers
5/15/2006 Evergreen Plans to Merge Funds Under New Manager
5/15/2006 Piper Jaffray To Refund Montana Investors
5/15/2006 Oak Value Replaces Committee Member
5/15/2006 Putnam Reorganizes Funds, Assets Reach 10-Year Low
5/15/2006 AIG Slapped With Class Action Suit
5/15/2006 American Century Rolls Out Livestrong Portfolios
5/12/2006 Bisys Plays Catch-Up in Results Reporting
5/12/2006 Federated To Acquire MDT Advisers
5/12/2006 New Fund on the Horizon From PIMCO
5/11/2006 Ex-Putnam Employee Seeks Class Action Suit
5/11/2006 Integrity is New Advisor to Saratoga Sector Fund
5/11/2006 Surgeons File For First Fund
5/10/2006 Legg Mason Posts Results for First Quarter Post-Citigroup
5/10/2006 Pimco Suit Will Go To Trial
5/10/2006 Merk Fund Marks Anniversary With $20 Million In Assets
5/9/2006 Amvescap AUM Rise to $419 Billion
5/9/2006 MFS Execs Get New Roles
5/9/2006 AllianceBernstein AUM Up 2.8 Percent
5/9/2006 Mutual Funds Big on SEC Forum Agenda
5/9/2006 Janus CEO Purchases 75,000 Shares
5/8/2006 15 DWS Scudder Hires Will Build Advisor Network
5/8/2006 Van Eck Registers Gold Miners ETF
5/8/2006 Barclays Unveils 10 Subsector ETFs
5/8/2006 Merrill Fills Post of Demoted MD
5/8/2006 Access Data Adds 22c-2 Product
5/8/2006 New Name, New Executive Team For Potomac Funds
5/5/2006 Gabelli Settlement Gives Plaintiffs Large GAMCO Share
5/5/2006 Mutual Funds To File Reports On Suspicious Transactions
5/4/2006 T. Rowe Broadens Stable Of Advisor Class Funds
5/4/2006 AARP Quick to Broaden Selection
5/4/2006 The Principal Pushes Asset Allocation in Retail
5/4/2006 PowerShares Taps Former State Street Exec
5/4/2006 BISYS Launches 22c-2 Service
5/4/2006 Morningstar Q1 Profit Rises
5/3/2006 Putnam Q1 Revenues Dip 13%
5/3/2006 Heritage Funds Added to Retirement Platform
5/3/2006 Federated Outsources SMA Biz
5/2/2006 Gabelli Taps Merrill Sales Manager to Up Distribution
5/2/2006 Diamond Hill Assets Under Management Jump 221 Percent
5/2/2006 T. Rowe Expands in Windy City, and Soon in NJ
5/2/2006 SEC: No Legal Roadblocks To Unbundling
5/2/2006 Bank of America Hit With Class Action Suit
5/1/2006 Schroder To Raise Fees For Two Funds
5/1/2006 Legg Mason Renames Former Citigroup Asset Management Group
5/1/2006 The Hartford Touts Record MF Sales
4/28/2006 Silver ETF Starts Trading
4/28/2006 Franklin Resources Q2 Profit Slides
4/28/2006 Morgan Stanley Merging Funds
4/28/2006 Amvescap Pay Package Approved by Slim Majority
4/27/2006 Vanguard Increases Selection of ETFs
4/27/2006 Ameriprise Posts Lower Earnings
4/27/2006 Amvescap Profits a 'Solid Start' to 2006
4/27/2006 Janus 1Q Results Welcomed by CEO
4/27/2006 Judge Rejects Ex-Citi Execs' Bid To Junk Transfer Agent Case
4/26/2006 Fund Firms Spending More On Advertising
4/26/2006 T. Rowe Price Q1 Profit Rises
4/26/2006 New Round Of Fund Mergers At Columbia
4/25/2006 Comerica Mulls Sale of Munder
4/25/2006 Waddell & Reed Reports Higher Q1 Earnings
4/24/2006 AUL Adds American Funds
4/24/2006 Northern Trust Adds Emerging Markets Fund
4/24/2006 TIAA-CREF Plans Fund Reorganization
4/24/2006 AARP Financial Rolls Out Three
4/21/2006 Rydex To Rename Some Index Funds
4/21/2006 Vanguard Moves to Slow Growth on Three Funds
4/21/2006 ABN AMRO Sells U.S. Mutual Fund Biz For $38.6M
4/20/2006 EBSA Releases Bulletin on Distributing Settlement Money
4/20/2006 BlackRock Q1 Profit Up
4/20/2006 Oppose Amvescap Payouts, Group Urges Shareholders
4/20/2006 Fidelity Branches Out in Retirement Income
4/20/2006 Vanguard To Launch Small-Cap Fund
4/19/2006 New Lipper Categories Reflect Market Developments
4/19/2006 Merrill Demotes Manager of Fired Brokers
4/19/2006 Nuveen Q1 Profit Rises 4%
4/19/2006 Federated Launches Target Maturity Funds
4/18/2006 Franklin Templeton to Launch New Fund
4/18/2006 PowerShares Hires Former NYSE Exec
4/18/2006 AllianceBernstein Tapped For Vanguard Fund
4/18/2006 Dreyfus Founders Has New CEO
4/18/2006 BGI To Cut Expense Ratios Of iShares Sector Funds
4/18/2006 Janus Names Head of Broker-Dealer Client Management Group
4/18/2006 Vanguard Launches Pared-Down Advice Services
4/17/2006 Fidelity's CA Deal Highlights Current 529 Market
4/17/2006 First Trust Unveils IPO-based ETF
4/13/2006 Assets at Quaker Strategic Fund Move Past $1B
4/13/2006 Indices, Active Funds Ran Neck-and-Neck in First Quarter
4/13/2006 Fidelity To Close Two More Funds
4/13/2006 SEC Taps PWC Exec For Northeast Office
4/12/2006 Suit Alleges AIG Misled on MFS Funds
4/12/2006 New Chair for Independent Directors Council
4/12/2006 Fund Fee Disclosure is Ineffective, Say Study Authors
4/12/2006 Putnam Names Head of European Distribution
4/12/2006 Rydex Gets SEC Exemptive Order For ETFs
4/12/2006 UBS Boosts Broker Ranks With Piper Jaffray Deal
4/12/2006 Fidelity's New Millennium Manager Retiring
4/12/2006 AIM Secures Shareholder Nod For Fund Conversion
4/12/2006 Rydex Receives IRS Private Letter Ruling For Fund
4/11/2006 Dreyfus Promotes Eggers To COO
4/11/2006 Fidelity Sells Rising Janus Shares
4/11/2006 DTCC To Roll Out 22c-2 Compliance Solution
4/11/2006 Merrill's Donohue Formally Appointed to SEC
4/10/2006 Former Fiserv Broker Settles With SEC
4/10/2006 Fund Web Sites are Well Designed, But Slow Tech Adopters
4/10/2006 Smith Barney Funds Take Legg Mason Name
4/10/2006 Mutual Fund Stocks Post Strong Returns
4/10/2006 Is An Industry Lawyer SEC Bound?
4/7/2006 Go Back and Do it Right, Court Orders SEC
4/7/2006 Franklin Plans BRIC Fund
4/7/2006 Commodities Prove Tough for Funds
4/7/2006 Baron Capital Taps Portfolio Manager
4/7/2006 NYLIM To Close Fund
4/6/2006 NASD Files Raps Vs A.B. Watley, Former Brokers
4/6/2006 Cox Names New District Heads for Boston, Philly
4/6/2006 MIT Econ Professor is New CREF Trustee
4/6/2006 Directed Brokerage Crackdown Drawing To A Close?
4/5/2006 Manager Turnover Rate At Putnam 'Alarming'
4/5/2006 HighMark Adds Funds
4/5/2006 Oppenheimer Fund Closed Tight for Now
4/5/2006 Leuthold Plans New Versions of Closed Funds
4/4/2006 Fidelity Made Big Changes in '05, Says Deputy
4/4/2006 Putnam Names Director Of Consultant Relations For Asia And Australia
4/4/2006 MLIM COO To Lead BlackRock's Private Client Group
4/4/2006 American Century Completes Mason Street Funds Acquisition
4/4/2006 Amvescap Promotes Insider to Boost AIM Investments
4/3/2006 Federated Investors Names New Trustee
4/3/2006 Guinness Atkinson Launches Asia Pacific Fund
4/3/2006 Vanguard Tapping Quant Managers
4/3/2006 ProFunds Goes Short on Japan

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