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Stories Published Between 4/1/2003 And 7/1/2003
6/30/2003 Janus To Reopen Overseas
6/30/2003 S&P to Revamp the Way it Looks at Funds
6/30/2003 Citizens Eyes the Institutional Biz
6/30/2003 Neuberger Confirms Sale Talks
6/27/2003 Bisys Targets SMAs
6/27/2003 Thrivenet Financial CIO to Retire
6/27/2003 PMP Offers Wholesaling System to B/Ds
6/27/2003 Offshore Fund Taps GIS
6/27/2003 Fund Servicer Adds Wholesaling Help
6/26/2003 Gartmore Plans Registered Hedge Funds
6/26/2003 Nuveen Fund Raises $2.2 Billion
6/26/2003 Neuberger for Sale?
6/26/2003 Some Cuts at State Street are Forced
6/25/2003 State Street Sells Unit to Schwab
6/25/2003 Lockwood Taps Affiliate for Platform
6/25/2003 NASD Fines B-D Over B Share Sales
6/25/2003 State Street Workers Happy to Leave
6/25/2003 Ennis Moves to Morgan Stanley
6/24/2003 American Century Still Shrinking
6/24/2003 Kansas City Family Names Sales Chief
6/24/2003 AdvisorPort Adds Hedge Funds
6/24/2003 Schwab Reportedly Buying Assets
6/23/2003 M&A Will Become More Focused
6/23/2003 Fidelity Drops Loads on Five Holdouts
6/23/2003 Navellier Makes Distribution Pact
6/20/2003 Portland Fund Family Opens Seattle Office
6/20/2003 Ex-Fido President Joins Hartford Board
6/20/2003 Hancock Rakes in Assets for Closed-End Fund
6/20/2003 Harbor Fund Closes Small Cap Growth Doors
6/19/2003 Whiston Finds New Help
6/19/2003 AXP Funds Adds Three Funds
6/19/2003 Steal These Proxy Voting Guidelines
6/18/2003 Action on Baker Bill Set for Mid-July
6/18/2003 Philly Fund Firm Rolls Out R Shares
6/18/2003 Vanguard Makes Belgian Ally
6/18/2003 Republicans in Drag
6/17/2003 How Committed is Baker?
6/17/2003 PFPC Adds to Alternatives Group
6/17/2003 Turner Reopening Fund
6/17/2003 New Custodian Starts Advisor Conversions
6/17/2003 LGFA Finds Four Small Cap Masters
6/17/2003 Integrity Names Marketing Director
6/16/2003 Sauter Gets a Helping Hand
6/16/2003 Zurich Finds Threadneedle Buyer
6/16/2003 Invesco Shuttering Asian Fund Group
6/16/2003 Another B Share Suit Filed
6/16/2003 Crew Members Divvy Up Less Loot
6/13/2003 PaydenFunds Taps Back Office Helper
6/13/2003 Invesco & AIM Merge Funds
6/13/2003 American Century CMO to Retire
6/12/2003 Vanguard Tells Investors to Cool Their Jets
6/12/2003 Vanguard Stocks Supermarket Shelves
6/12/2003 How to Save a Million
6/12/2003 Baker Targets Funds
6/11/2003 Great-West Awards Bond Mandate
6/11/2003 Hedge Shop Opens Mutual Fund
6/11/2003 Ranks of US Wealthy Decline
6/11/2003 Barclays Trims Gabelli Stake
6/10/2003 Folio Expands Offerings
6/10/2003 No More PaineWebber
6/10/2003 M&I Names CEO
6/10/2003 TIAA-CREF Names New CFO
6/10/2003 A New Fund Idea
6/10/2003 SEC May Target Revenue Sharing
6/9/2003 Bridgeway Elects Director and Names Partners
6/9/2003 BISYS Offers Proxy Service Solution
6/9/2003 GE Trimming Lineup
6/9/2003 Scudder Adds to Advocate VA Family
6/6/2003 GE Financial Adds National Sales Manager Post
6/6/2003 Macaskill Resurfaces
6/6/2003 Overture Seals a Deal
6/5/2003 ICI Hires Lobbyist with Ties to the GOP
6/5/2003 BISYS Boosts Distribution Solutions via Alliance
6/5/2003 Eaton Vance to Buy Bulk of SMA Player
6/5/2003 Vendor Hustles to Meet Tax Change Needs
6/4/2003 PFPC Picks up New Fund Client
6/4/2003 CRA Helps Managers Assess Competition
6/4/2003 Midwest Firm Integrates B-D Units
6/4/2003 ING Goes Outside for Large Cap Fund
6/3/2003 B-D Client Group Head to Exit Firm
6/3/2003 Funds Named After Managers Beat the Deck
6/2/2003 Kelmoore Goes Live with CheckFree APL
6/2/2003 GEPAM Reaps Big Demand for MDAs
6/2/2003 GEPAM Adds to Investment Management Menu
6/2/2003 John Hancock Rolls Out New Income Fund
6/2/2003 Asset Managers -- Corp Governance Mentors?
6/2/2003 Vendor Lands Frank Russell as a Client
5/30/2003 PFPC Pushes Start-Up Fund Service
5/30/2003 Insurer Spiffs Up Web for Advisors
5/30/2003 Vanguard Preps New Annuity
5/30/2003 Cornhusker 529 Opens Doors
5/29/2003 Pioneer USA Names Geraci Replacement
5/29/2003 Schwab Rolls Out Small Cap Fund
5/29/2003 LPL Chooses SubAccountant for Funds
5/29/2003 Eaton Vance Boasts $2 Billion Offering
5/29/2003 EnvestnetPMC Signs Up Midwest Trust
5/28/2003 Federated Launches 529
5/28/2003 Sentinel Appeals to Income Focused Investors
5/28/2003 Putnam Again Posts Largest Outflow
5/28/2003 Nasdaq Licenses Index to Fidelity
5/28/2003 More Boxes for Hedge-like Funds?
5/28/2003 Victory Deal Brings Diversity
5/27/2003 The NASD Cracks Down on VA Sales
5/27/2003 TIAA-CREF Suspends Deferred Annuity Sales
5/27/2003 ING Ties Into Pricing Tool
5/27/2003 Delaware Investments Hires New Retail Head
5/23/2003 Vendor Adds Ibbotson to Client-base
5/23/2003 Software Vendor Lands Natl Sales Exec
5/23/2003 Social Funds Focus On Corp Board Diversity
5/22/2003 BISYS Fund Services Expands Key Alliance
5/22/2003 Franklin Templeton Picks RK Partner for 529
5/22/2003 Beware of Disgruntled Employees with Writing Ambitions
5/21/2003 New Broker-dealer Adds a Pair of Key Execs
5/21/2003 SEI Adds Diagnostic Tool to Line-up
5/21/2003 American Funds Added to a 529 Plan
5/21/2003 KPMG Debuts Advisor-focused Service
5/20/2003 Integrity Brings Back Veteran
5/20/2003 Raymond James Taps Into Fund Info Portal
5/20/2003 Invesco UK Taps ID Management Platform
5/20/2003 NASD Pushes Breakpoint Deadline
5/19/2003 New Fund Family Launching
5/19/2003 SEC Thinking on Hedge Funds Evolves
5/19/2003 MLIM Picks Up UK Pension Plans
5/19/2003 AIM Drops AdvisorCentral
5/16/2003 Mine Your Shareholder Data
5/16/2003 Evergreen Goes After SubAdvisory Opps
5/16/2003 Bjurman Opens One, Closes Another
5/16/2003 FleetBostonHancock?
5/15/2003 FRC Reorganizes Practice Areas
5/15/2003 Shakeup at Invesco UK
5/15/2003 New B-D Taps Wrap Platform
5/15/2003 Ex-Montgomery CFO Lands Gig
5/15/2003 PFPC Trust Promotes Sparhawk
5/15/2003 Regulators Investigate Fidelity Branches
5/14/2003 Fund Spending on Advertisments Continues Fall
5/14/2003 Putnam Releases Proxy Guidelines
5/14/2003 Genomics New SubAdvisor Gains Approval
5/14/2003 Buyout Brings PM Back to Avatar
5/14/2003 AFSS Adds TA Studies
5/14/2003 Time is Ripe for Launch Says San Fran Firm
5/13/2003 Heartland Joins AdvisorCentral
5/13/2003 Bond Chief Returns to SSRM
5/13/2003 BGI Extends Distribution Deal
5/13/2003 BNY Taps New Asset Management Head
5/13/2003 MFS Keen on Asset Allocation
5/12/2003 Vanguard to Grow Distribution Via RIAs
5/12/2003 MFS Expands Tie to Advice Provider
5/12/2003 Columbia Management Launches 529 Plan
5/12/2003 Northern Trust Partners to Upgrade Services
5/12/2003 Northern Trust to Launch NYC Office
5/9/2003 MLIM Settles Mercury Related Suits
5/9/2003 Big Broker to Push Funds Onto 401(k) Platforms
5/9/2003 Zurich Sells Another Fund Business
5/9/2003 Bogle Not Popular at Vanguard Either
5/8/2003 Northern Trust Global Unit Taps New CEO
5/8/2003 A New RBC Fund Unit Outsources Back Office
5/8/2003 Strategic Advisors Files for Five New Funds
5/8/2003 Feds O.K. Fidelity-UBS Deal
5/7/2003 Asset Managers in SMAs Boost Sales Budgets
5/7/2003 Lockwood Execs to Hit the Road
5/7/2003 Bill Promises Cap Gains Relief to Fund Shareholders
5/7/2003 Franklin Promotes Baio and Bolt
5/7/2003 Analyst Sees Fund Stocks Caught in Doldrums
5/7/2003 AG&T Markets Online Asset Allocation Program
5/6/2003 STC Names New VP of Private Client Services
5/6/2003 Schwab Reorganizes Execs
5/6/2003 BISYS Offers New Breakpoint Compliance Service
5/6/2003 State Street Lands Fund Mandates
5/6/2003 E*TRADE Signs Outsourcing Pact
5/5/2003 Schwab Looks to Add Fees for OneSource
5/5/2003 JP Morgan Fund Unit Adds Fixed-income CIO
5/5/2003 Morningstar Inks New Financial Advisor Deal
5/2/2003 Scudder Finds New Home for its 401ks
5/2/2003 Putnam CIOs Move Offices to Rally the Troops
5/1/2003 Wellington Wins Canadian Mandate
5/1/2003 Skandia Honchos Move On
5/1/2003 TD Waterhouse is in Play
5/1/2003 SanFran Family Sees Growth Opps
5/1/2003 Vanguard Adds Annuity Options
5/1/2003 VA Adds Two Outside Managers
5/1/2003 Can Fund Firms Collect?
4/30/2003 Why Abby Johnson is Wrong
4/30/2003 Janus Cuts Options Grants
4/30/2003 Baron Agrees to Fine
4/30/2003 Fido Trader Gets 30 Months
4/29/2003 Manulife Adds to Advisor Tools
4/29/2003 CSF Finalizes Board
4/29/2003 Morningstar Expands Separate Account Info Distribution
4/29/2003 Another ETF Effort Launches Thursday
4/29/2003 Fidelity to Give Raises After All
4/28/2003 Four Subadvisors Land Mandates
4/28/2003 Turning on the Tap at T Rowe Price
4/28/2003 Push for Pay Disclosure Grows
4/28/2003 Will SARS be the Next Big Thing Holding Back Funds?
4/28/2003 Komansky Makes it Official
4/28/2003 Shrinkage Ahead?
4/28/2003 Closed-End Fund Targets Distressed Debt
4/28/2003 Outflow Streak Grows Longer
4/28/2003 Fido Manager Forms Hedge Fund
4/28/2003 Schwab Becomes a Banker
4/25/2003 American Funds Finds 401k Shelf Space Easy to Come By
4/25/2003 Vanguard Targets Arbitrageurs with Extra Fee
4/25/2003 Banc One To Launch SMA Offering
4/24/2003 Five Fund Brands Join Best of America VA
4/24/2003 Oberweiss Will Close Fund
4/24/2003 Vision Funds to Swallow Ark Funds
4/24/2003 Securian Sells Funds
4/24/2003 Hancock Trims 280 Through Outsourcing Move
4/23/2003 Banc One to Enhance Program
4/23/2003 Hennessy Plans New Fund
4/23/2003 Strong Gets Chatty
4/23/2003 Manager Moves to CheckFree APL
4/23/2003 Geraci Resigns From Pioneer
4/22/2003 OneSource Assets Hold Steady
4/22/2003 Northern Trust Taps Morningstar Tools
4/22/2003 Private-Label Platform Adds Bonds
4/22/2003 Rydex, S&P Set Launch Date
4/22/2003 State Greed Puts 529s at Risk
4/21/2003 MLIM Adds B-D Distribution
4/21/2003 Bank Channel Sales Remain Strong
4/21/2003 Navellier, Lisanti Out at ING
4/21/2003 ETF Advisors to Liquidate
4/21/2003 ING Buys Into Affluent Market
4/17/2003 Federated Sees Money Funds as Good Collateral
4/17/2003 Gabelli Takes Pay Cut
4/17/2003 Hayes to Leave Janus
4/17/2003 Skandia Fires CEO
4/16/2003 Wirehouse Adds Six Portfolios
4/16/2003 Waterhouse Vets to Open Custodian
4/16/2003 Morningstar Adds Portfolios
4/16/2003 Putnam Lovell Buys Minority Stake in Manager
4/16/2003 TD Mutual Funds Among Hot Canadian Funds
4/15/2003 Delaware Lands Alliance Marketer
4/15/2003 RS Names Co-Manager of Net Fund
4/15/2003 Consultant Offers Private Label 529 Site
4/15/2003 Fund Industry Gets Career Site
4/15/2003 Janus Chairman Defends Disclosure
4/14/2003 Manager Rollup Partners With ForestView
4/14/2003 Bisys Taps Fund Services Head
4/14/2003 Vanguard Sues Enron Underwriters
4/14/2003 BlackRock Buys Hedge Fund Specialist
4/11/2003 Dreyfus Director Package Causes Stir
4/11/2003 Highfields Slams Janus for Hiding Pay Info
4/11/2003 State Street to Cut Another 1,800
4/10/2003 Chicago Investment Manager May Add 40 Sales Pros
4/10/2003 Ex-Nomura Marketer Joins Midwest Firm
4/10/2003 Online Search Enabler Attracts More Clients
4/9/2003 STC Adds another RIA to Master Custody Platform
4/9/2003 Federated Adds K-class, to Expand Investment Focus
4/9/2003 Top Growing Fund Making Institutional Push
4/9/2003 Fidelity to Buy UBS Clearing Arm
4/8/2003 RiskMetrics Unveils Best & Worst Funds
4/8/2003 Victory Cap Beefs Up Institutional Sales Team
4/8/2003 Mellon to Buy Atlanta Wealth Manager
4/8/2003 Taxes May Always Squeeze Investors
4/8/2003 New Janus CEO Salary Pegged at $600,000
4/7/2003 BISYS Enters the SMA Market
4/7/2003 North Carolina Expands Advisor-Sold 529 Plan
4/7/2003 Legg Mason Private Labels 529 Plan
4/7/2003 Morningstar to Revamp Fund Categories
4/4/2003 Do Fund Investors Really Favor Male Managers?
4/4/2003 Merrill Sets Record with Preferred Fund
4/3/2003 Pictet Liquidating Five Star Fund
4/3/2003 Vanguard Says MSCI Move Not Related to Suit
4/3/2003 Managers Cutting Sales Costs
4/3/2003 Two UBS Execs Move On
4/3/2003 Neuberger Adds Two Portfolios to Wirehouse Wrap
4/3/2003 Putnam Disputes Report of Wholesaler Cuts
4/2/2003 New Firm Seeks Deals
4/2/2003 Pioneer Chief Denies Sale Rumors
4/2/2003 Fund SRO Appears DOA
4/2/2003 Excelsior Registers Buyout Fund
4/1/2003 Expert Sees No Turn Asset Manager Price Tags
4/1/2003 Three More Managers Tap CheckFree APL
4/1/2003 DST Completes Its Largest Conversion

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