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Stories Published Between 10/1/2023 And 1/1/2024
12/29/2023 Happy 2024!
12/29/2023 Who Bought Whom In 2023?
12/28/2023 Five Months In, a Bank Triples Its ETF Lineup
12/28/2023 In Memoriam
12/27/2023 Expect a $925MM Deal to Close Soon
12/27/2023 12 of MFWire's Most Popular 2023 Stories
12/26/2023 A $99.5B-AUM Shop Turns On a Bond ETF-of-ETFs
12/26/2023 A $1.2T-AUM AM Gains 2 Chiefs
12/22/2023 Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!
12/22/2023 Stock MF Outflows Jump Fivefold to $27B
12/21/2023 14 Active ETFs and Counting
12/21/2023 Most Fundsters Don't Recognize These Value-Add Opps
12/20/2023 I Spy a New Covered Call ETF
12/20/2023 Fundsters Have Boosted Headcount Here By 25 Percent
12/19/2023 Money Funds Bounce Back With $185B
12/19/2023 54 Months of Inflows and Counting
12/18/2023 Passive Inflows Jump Fivefold
12/18/2023 10 Years In, a CA Boutique's Flagship Fund Exceeds $1B
12/15/2023 Bridge Builder Repeats, Netting $127MM Per Fund
12/15/2023 For the 1st Time In Eight Weeks, MMF Flows Sour
12/14/2023 With $124MM, a Gotham Shop Takes the Lead
12/14/2023 Pacer Pulls Ahead With $1.668B
12/13/2023 SSGA Wins With a $15.684B Inflows Jump
12/13/2023 With $29.98B, BlackRock Dominated In November
12/12/2023 A 21-Year-Old Fixed Income Shop Enters the MF Biz
12/12/2023 A $3.69T-AUM AM's Parent Trims 3.6 Percent
12/11/2023 A USN and Morgan Stanley Vet Enters the ETF Biz
12/11/2023 Week In Preview, December 11 - December 17
12/8/2023 3 Launched, 19 to Go For a New Entrant
12/8/2023 Inflows Shrink By $10.8B, Thanks to Money Funds
12/7/2023 A $588.5B-AUM AM Launches Its First 3 US ETFs
12/7/2023 $371MM In Less Than 3 Months
12/6/2023 AP and FPI Go Global For Fund 13
12/6/2023 30 of the Best Fund Firms For LGBTQ+ Workers In 2023
12/5/2023 Newfound and Tidal Team For a 3rd ETF
12/5/2023 Two of the Best Fund Firms For Parents In 2023
12/4/2023 Harbor Completes a 2nd Fund-Conversion ETF Launch
12/4/2023 Week In Preview, December 4 - December 10
12/1/2023 A $1.5B-AUM Quant Shop Launches Its First Stock ETF
12/1/2023 Long-Term Flows Fall $19B In Two Weeks, But ...
11/30/2023 An $8.5B-AUM ETF Player Adds a Marketing Chief
11/30/2023 125 Years, $1.1T In AUM
11/29/2023 $31.6B In Outflows Break a 12-Month Streak
11/29/2023 Eight Years In, a $159MM-AUM Fund Transforms
11/28/2023 Active Outflows Grow By $23.4B, But ...
11/28/2023 A $510MM-AUM Bond Fund Passes 3 Years
11/27/2023 With $182MM Per Fund, Bridge Builder Regains the Lead
11/27/2023 Week In Preview, November 28 - December 3
11/24/2023 A Gotham Shop Wins With $184MM
11/24/2023 Three Decades of TDFs
11/22/2023 Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
11/22/2023 44 Percent of FAs Plan to Allocate More to These
11/21/2023 With $2.184B, Bridge Builder Takes the Lead
11/21/2023 An Eight-Year-Old Shop Reaches $30B In AUM
11/20/2023 Schwab Pulls Ahead With $1.71B
11/20/2023 Freshly Adopted, a $13MM-AUM Pair Turns 3
11/17/2023 BlackRock Takes the Lead With $4.33B
11/17/2023 Equity Fund Inflows Jump By $7B
11/16/2023 An Online Bank Launches an Options-Powered Income ETF
11/16/2023 Fundster Bonuses May Fall By 10 Percent
11/15/2023 A Gotham Shop's New ETF Combines Stocks and Another Fund
11/15/2023 10 Years, $1.28B In AUM
11/14/2023 A Korean Tech Titan Helps Craft a U.S. ETF
11/14/2023 A $55MM-AUM ETF Gobbles One MF, But ...
11/13/2023 A $187B-AUMS Firm Adds a Core Bond Fund
11/13/2023 Week In Preview, November 13 - November 19
11/10/2023 Baron Gets In Sync With Shareholders Again
11/10/2023 Long-Term Flows Rebound By $13.4B
11/9/2023 A $308B-AUM AM Adds a Securitized Income ETF
11/9/2023 An ETF That Tracks Political Contributions Turns Three
11/8/2023 Within a $131B-AUM RIA Aggregator, a Boutique Designs an ETF
11/8/2023 There's an App For That One-Year-Old ETF
11/7/2023 A New ETF Simply Focuses On Newer MBS
11/7/2023 1,499 Days, $30B
11/6/2023 Seven Years In, a $51MM-AUM Fund Transforms
11/6/2023 Week In Preview, November 6 - November 12
11/3/2023 A $669B-AUM AM Preps Four Bond ETFs
11/3/2023 A $159.6B Improvement In Two Weeks
11/2/2023 Tidal Preps a Crypto ETF Adoption
11/2/2023 $100MM In a Year
11/1/2023 Teaming Up, Defiance Adds a 3rd Options Income Fund
11/1/2023 A Politically Aligned ETF Turns Three
10/31/2023 $1.126T In a Year
10/31/2023 65 Years, 1,400 Staff, $210B In AUS
10/30/2023 A $1.4T-AUMS AM Adds Five Active ETFs
10/30/2023 Week In Preview, October 30 - November 5
10/27/2023 Bridge Builder Dominates With $681MM Per Fund
10/27/2023 Flows Improve By $123.8B
10/26/2023 Vanguard and JPM Repeat Their Flows Victories
10/26/2023 $4B In AUM In Three Years
10/25/2023 With $887MM, PTAM Leads
10/25/2023 $138MM In Nine Months
10/24/2023 Baird Leads With $9B
10/24/2023 Invesco and Russell Win Big In Texas
10/23/2023 $62.622B and Counting
10/23/2023 Week In Preview, October 23 - October 29
10/20/2023 JPM Leads With $47B
10/20/2023 Funds Suffer Their Worst Week In 15 Years
10/19/2023 REX and TCM Team Up to Launch Four ETFs
10/19/2023 19 Fund Firms Win Big In the Second City
10/18/2023 A New Cayman Islands Shop Enters the U.S. ETF Biz
10/18/2023 35 Years, 3 Strategies, $13B In AUM
10/17/2023 ProShares Will Soon Cater to Ether Skeptics, Too
10/17/2023 An ESG Activist Investor Finalizes His ETF Exit
10/16/2023 A Jersey PM-Turned-FA Dies At 79
10/16/2023 Week In Preview, October 16 - October 22
10/13/2023 A Cali Co-Founder Steps Back From a Florida AM
10/13/2023 Flows Plunge By $50.5B
10/12/2023 A $5.6B-AUMA Group Completes a 5-Fund Suite
10/12/2023 21 Years Later, an ETF Strategist Regains Its Independence
10/11/2023 A Florida ETP Shop Adds an Options-Powered Equity Income ETF
10/11/2023 17 of the Best Large Workplaces For Fundsters In 2023
10/10/2023 A $4B-AUM Firm Helps Investors Bet On Aluminum
10/10/2023 For Deal 14, AXS Buys In Colorado
10/9/2023 Two Citi Vets Build Their Startup's 1st ETF
10/9/2023 Week In Preview, October 9 - October 15
10/6/2023 A Gotham Ops Leader Sails to an ETF-In-a-Box Shop
10/6/2023 Money Funds Drive a $49B Reversal
10/5/2023 A 46-Year-Old Firm Debuts Its 2nd ETF
10/5/2023 One Putnam Succeeds Another Putnam's Successor
10/4/2023 For His 6th New ETF of 2023, Repetto Launches ...
10/4/2023 The Nine Richest U.S. Fundsters In 2023
10/3/2023 A 68-Year-Old Fund Firm Targets Ether
10/3/2023 An 18-Index Boutique's Chief Joins Its Acquirer
10/2/2023 A $60B-AUM Firm's Crypto-Linked ETF Lineup Quadruples
10/2/2023 Week In Preview, October 2 - October 8

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