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Stories Published Between 10/1/2019 And 1/1/2020
11/13/2019 A Midwestern Insurer Takes the Fund Flows Lead
11/13/2019 MF's Now Account For 17 Percent of This Multinational's AUMA
11/12/2019 Passive Inflows and Active Outflows Both Fall
11/12/2019 An Insurer's Mutual Fund AUM Rises 4.5 Percent
11/11/2019 This AM Makes 20 Percent of Its Parent's Profits
11/11/2019 Week In Preview, November 11-17
11/8/2019 An Insurer's Giant AM's AUM Rises 9.4 Percent
11/8/2019 A $1.18T-AUM AM Teams Up With the NCAA
11/7/2019 A $192B-AUM Shop Prepares to Cross the Pond
11/7/2019 From $64.1B to $145.8B In One Quarter
11/6/2019 Third Gen Strats Are Where This AM's Inflows Are
11/6/2019 Aylward Trumpets Virtus' SMA Growth
11/5/2019 Mayer Envisions a Nimbler, Leaner, Less Complicated Manning
11/5/2019 Putnam's Parent's Chief Keeps Looking For Deals and Efficiencies
11/4/2019 A PA AM Reaches a Record $527.2B In AUM
11/4/2019 Week In Preview, November 4-10
11/1/2019 The Johnsons Hint at Franklin's M&A Progress
11/1/2019 Despite Flat AUM, a B-D's AM Arm Breaks Records
10/31/2019 A $442B-AUM AM Breaks One of Its Flows Records
10/31/2019 Will Joe Sullivan Double Down On This IP Bet?
10/30/2019 A Marketing Chief Leaves a $220B-AUM Firm
10/30/2019 A $68.72B-AUM AM Is "Positioned to Execute" On Deals
10/29/2019 Stuart Parker Adds a Cap Group Vet to His C-Suite
10/29/2019 Will a Giant AM's Parent Lean Away From Gotham?
10/28/2019 From Fund Distro Chief to Fitness Entrepreneur
10/28/2019 Week In Preview, October 28-November 3
10/25/2019 T. Rowe's AUM Rises, Despite Mister Market
10/25/2019 Ron Baron Asks, What's Next?
10/25/2019 A $60B-AUM AM's Original Backer Retires
10/24/2019 Five Strategies for Getting Salespeople to Adopt New Tech
10/24/2019 Post-OpFunds, Flanagan Trims More, and Faster, Than Expected
10/23/2019 A COO Joins a 32-Year-Old Fund Fam
10/23/2019 $4.05T, $5.78T, and Rising
10/22/2019 Natixis Gains an Ex-Neuberger SVP
10/22/2019 Four Fund Firms Win Big In Atlanta
10/21/2019 Passive Inflows Double In Two Months
10/21/2019 Week In Preview, October 21-27
10/18/2019 A Focused Growth Shop Wins in September
10/18/2019 An Ex-Fundster Is About to Plead In the College Admissions Scandal
10/17/2019 A Subadvised Fund Firm Leads the Micro Pack
10/17/2019 A $41.5B-AUM Shop's CIO Passes the Reins
10/16/2019 A Global Equity Shop Three-Peats
10/16/2019 Larry Stands By Abby
10/15/2019 A Midwestern ETF Shop Retakes First
10/15/2019 A $692B-AUM AM Incubates Fintech
10/14/2019 BlackRock Retakes the Lead, But ...
10/14/2019 Week In Preview, October 14-20
10/11/2019 A Trade Group Chief Will Retire Next Year
10/11/2019 Pavlenko Lutton Passes the Reins
10/10/2019 Shelton's Clark Hires As a Sales Vet Retires
10/10/2019 Asset Management Gains a New Voice In Washington
10/9/2019 A Global C-Suiter Retires From JOHCM
10/9/2019 An $85B-AUM AM's Equity Chair Departs
10/8/2019 Third Avenue's Ex-Chief Plans "Index Disruptors"
10/8/2019 The Eight Richest U.S. Fundsters Are ...
10/7/2019 Barse Teams Up With an Expanding ETF Startup
10/7/2019 Week In Preview, October 7-13
10/4/2019 Envestnet's Founder Dies
10/4/2019 Two Gotham AMs Plan Layoffs
10/3/2019 Three Mesirow Teams Power Its Third Fund
10/3/2019 Another Online Brokerage Goes NTF For All ETFs, But ...
10/2/2019 A 17-Year JPM Back-Office Vet Departs
10/2/2019 Two Big NTF Platforms Expand to All U.S. ETFs
10/1/2019 Two Schiff Hardin Fund Lawyers Join Sullivan
10/1/2019 The 11 Best Fund Firms For Working Mothers

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