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Stories Published Between 10/1/2009 And 1/1/2010
12/31/2009 MFWire's Top Stories for 2009
12/31/2009 RS Finishes 2009 By Unveiling Three New Funds
12/31/2009 Berkowitz Gains 'Guru' Status
12/31/2009 Mutual Funds Lengthen their Winning Streak
12/31/2009 Pimco Preps a Global Opportunities Fund
12/30/2009 A Bank-Owned Fund Firm Plots a Sales Force Expansion
12/30/2009 Peltz is Now Legg Mason's Top Shareholder
12/30/2009 One of Bob's Boys Gains Props from the Boston Globe
12/30/2009 A Reserve Fund Will Distribute $43 Million
12/30/2009 Many '08 Losers Stage a Comeback
12/29/2009 Noble Lands at Touchstone
12/29/2009 Lord Abbett Plans to Ax B Shares
12/29/2009 McNabb Looks Abroad With 'Boring' Approach In Mind
12/29/2009 BlackRock Quietly Moves its Headquarters
12/29/2009 Stowers Bids Adieu to American Century's Fund Board
12/29/2009 Acadian is Out as a Calvert Fund Goes the Multi-Manager Route
12/29/2009 A Celebrity-Free Fund is the Star of the Aughties
12/28/2009 Another Evergreen Alum Joins Fidelity
12/28/2009 Janus Scouts for a NorCal Wholesaler
12/28/2009 Taking on Fund Fees, Mamudi Leaves Out Some Key Facts
12/28/2009 Goldman Jumps on the ETF Bandwagon
12/28/2009 Jaffe Offers a Eulogy for the Defunct Funds of 2009
12/24/2009 A Sales Pro Returns to DWS
12/24/2009 Rangel Aims to 'Modernize' Mutual Fund Tax Rules
12/24/2009 NAPFA Sees Eye to Eye With Schapiro on 12b-1 Fees
12/24/2009 Mutual Fund Flows Head North to $11.3 Billion
12/24/2009 American Funds and Fidelity Face Flak Over Performance and Fees
12/24/2009 Voyageur Gets a Regal Name Change
12/24/2009 State Street Snaps Up a Foreign Fund Administrator
12/23/2009 Touchstone Taps a Wholesaler in Florida
12/23/2009 Vanguard Reveals New Numbers
12/23/2009 FRC Eyes a Slice of the Big Apple
12/23/2009 Heartland is Hiring
12/23/2009 FAF is on the Hunt to Fill a Sales Management Post
12/22/2009 MainStay's Sales Head Moves On
12/22/2009 Vanguard Plans the Launch of an Actively Managed Value Fund
12/22/2009 MetWest Hits a Milestone
12/22/2009 TCW Names its New Mutual Fund Chief
12/22/2009 Nick Calamos Moves Up
12/22/2009 Oppenheimer Settles Another 529 Suit
12/22/2009 Principal Faces a Fee Suit
12/22/2009 TEAM Enters the '40 Act Race
12/22/2009 Some Bond ETFs to Pass Out Capital Gains
12/21/2009 Strategic Insight Moves in with its New Parent
12/21/2009 Russell Picks a Successor for Stark
12/21/2009 A New York Asset Manager Lands a Distribution Deal with Smith Barney
12/21/2009 FaithShares Rings in Christmas Week at NYSE
12/21/2009 TCW's Mutual Fund Chief Departs
12/21/2009 Highbury's Shareholder Fight Ends in an AMG Victory
12/21/2009 Peltz Ups His Legg Mason Stake
12/21/2009 A PowerShares ETF Halts Trading
12/21/2009 Gross Lands on Lumps of Coal List
12/21/2009 Invesco to Trim Funds Post-Merger
12/21/2009 Will the SEC Can 12b-1 Fees?
12/18/2009 Advisors Prize ETFs' Liquidity
12/18/2009 MainStay Enjoys a Record Year
12/18/2009 A Federal Judge Reopens the NewRiver-Newkirk Patent Fight
12/18/2009 Fidelity's Murphy Makes Her First Major Hire
12/18/2009 Royce Launches a Mid-Cap Fund
12/18/2009 Gross Temporarily Takes Over Some Hedge Funds
12/17/2009 Rydex|SGI Prowls for Three Sales Directors
12/17/2009 The Hartford Revamps a Fund
12/17/2009 Dreyfus Tells 'Brazilian Growth Story'
12/17/2009 BNY Mellon Asset Servicing Lands a Back-Office Contract
12/17/2009 House-Passed Reform Bill Ruffles Fundsters' Feathers
12/16/2009 Pioneer Taps Hancock, Ameriprise Alums for a Renamed Group
12/16/2009 Putnam Hires Another Ex-Fidelity Exec
12/16/2009 JennisonDryden is Rebranding
12/16/2009 TCW's Loss is Pimco's Gain
12/16/2009 Putnam Trumpets a Milestone
12/16/2009 A Fund Supermarket Chief Shares 2010 Plans
12/16/2009 OppFunds Dishes Out $67.3 Million to Settle a 529 Probe
12/16/2009 Bloomberg Hunts for Junk Inside Target Date Funds
12/16/2009 Faith-Based ETFs Catch The Journal's Attention
12/16/2009 Stevens Weighs in on the Financial Reform Bill
12/15/2009 Big Wirehouse Teams Still Dominate Distribution
12/15/2009 American Beacon Adds a Second Sub-Advisor to a $156 Million Fund
12/15/2009 FaithShares Launches Two More ETFs
12/15/2009 Shay Replaces One Fund Servicer with Two
12/15/2009 Burnham Unveils I Shares for its Financials Fund
12/15/2009 Security Global Scores a Sub-Advisory Win
12/15/2009 Five Years Later, Fair Funds Finally Flow to Invesco Fund Shareholders
12/15/2009 Bond ETFs Reel in $32 Billion
12/15/2009 Hancock Finishes its Latest Fund Adoption
12/14/2009 An Investing Legend Dies
12/14/2009 $117 Million Sale Caps Months of Drama at Highbury
12/14/2009 Dimensional Prepares to 'Transition Management and Ownership'
12/14/2009 AFBA's Morrison Discusses the FBR Deal
12/14/2009 T. Rowe Taps a Replacement for Treasury-Bound Miller
12/14/2009 Calamos Hits the Street For More Back-Office Servicing
12/14/2009 Gundlach Forms His Own Firm
12/14/2009 Sold! Highbury Finds a Home
12/14/2009 FBR Makes a 5Star Acquisition
12/14/2009 American Century, TCW and Two Niche Funds Land on Jaffe's Naughty List
12/14/2009 Morningstar Makes a Logical Purchase
12/14/2009 Fido Sacks Four Employees Over Fantasy Football
12/13/2009 Morgan Stanley Taps a Merrill Alum to Lead its Investment Management Unit
12/11/2009 Peter Smail Joins a Boston Firm's Fund Board
12/11/2009 DWS Hires a Bear Stearns Alum
12/11/2009 Fetting Dismisses Talk of Going Private
12/11/2009 Schwab Grows its ETF Lineup
12/11/2009 It's Tad's Turn to Address TCW Fund Investors
12/11/2009 Foreign Regulators Tussle with Barclays
12/11/2009 Putnam Mulls Over Active ETFs
12/10/2009 A California Fund Firm Leaves the Door Open for More Acquisitions
12/10/2009 OppFunds Boasts the Only 'Excellent' Website For Advisors
12/10/2009 Vanguard CEO to Add Chairman to His Title
12/10/2009 Booth Shares His Throne at Dimensional
12/10/2009 FaithShares Debuts Denomination-based ETFs
12/10/2009 T. Rowe's ETF Ambitions Draw the WSJ's Notice
12/9/2009 Putnam Cuts Jobs
12/9/2009 iShares Debuts its First Two ETFs Under the BlackRock Roof
12/9/2009 Scottrade Triples the Number of NTF Funds on its Platform
12/9/2009 Gundlach Says He'll Make His Move 'Within 30-40 Days'
12/9/2009 Bond Fund Net Flows Creep Towards $400 Billion
12/9/2009 Reynolds Preps Two Retirement Income Funds
12/8/2009 AMG Continues to Sniff Around for Deals
12/8/2009 T. Rowe Wants to Launch Active ETFs
12/8/2009 Advisors Vote American Funds as Best Marketers
12/8/2009 Three More Gundlach Lieutenants Bid Adieu to TCW
12/8/2009 Old Mutual Dangles a 'Zero Fee, Zero Cost' ETF
12/8/2009 Eisenstadt is Out at Value Line
12/8/2009 WSJ Spotlights Mutual Fund Do-Gooders
12/8/2009 Investors Look to the Next Frontier
12/8/2009 Emerging Market Funds Bounce Back from the Dubai Jolt
12/7/2009 Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder's New Name Takes Flight
12/7/2009 BlackRock's Web Site is Tops among its Peers
12/7/2009 'Bailout Czar' Takes a Job at an Asset Manager
12/7/2009 What's Next for Jeff Gundlach?
12/7/2009 Hennessy Swings to a Full-Year Loss
12/7/2009 When it Comes to Active ETFs, Big Players Have So Far Avoided Stocks
12/4/2009 MetWest Sells
12/4/2009 A Van Kampen Sales Vet Lands at DWS
12/4/2009 BNY Mellon Lands a New ETF Client
12/4/2009 NYLIM Hunts for an M&A and Strategy Chief
12/4/2009 DWS Plans to Ax B Shares
12/4/2009 Loomis Sayles Decides to Keep its Current Address
12/4/2009 WSJ Ponders Emerging Markets ETFs
12/3/2009 Baby Boomers Hold 59 Percent of Household Mutual Fund Assets
12/3/2009 Pioneer's Global Chief Says Arrivederci
12/3/2009 A Boston Fund Firm Names its New President
12/3/2009 Schapiro Sees 'A Need For More Fundamental Change' in 12b-1s
12/3/2009 Direxion Eyes Emerging Markets With Four Leveraged ETFs
12/3/2009 Janus is Hiring in Texas
12/3/2009 Is Fund Performance a Matter of Luck or Skill?
12/3/2009 Al Frank Makes a Buy
12/3/2009 Morningstar Now Rates Credit, Too
12/2/2009 Post-Deal, a Fund Chief Moves On
12/2/2009 Ameriprise Picks a New Ad Agency
12/2/2009 Van Eck Talks Poland with Reporters
12/2/2009 Navellier Switches Distributors
12/2/2009 Fidelity Cuts 529 Fees By At Least One-Third
12/2/2009 Barclays Pockets an Extra $1.7 Billion from the BlackRock Deal
12/1/2009 Citi Notches a Victory
12/1/2009 Matthews Rolls Out a China Dividend Fund
12/1/2009 Global X Management Eyes China With Two New ETFs
12/1/2009 The BGI-BlackRock Deal Comes With Job Loss
12/1/2009 A Mutual Fund Titan Wants in on the Active ETF Action
12/1/2009 Pimco Serves Up A Second Active ETF
12/1/2009 Transamerica Targets the Institutional Crowd
12/1/2009 Dubai Shakes Some ETFs' Worlds
11/30/2009 Shay Assets Management Entrusts a New Fund Servicer
11/30/2009 ProShares Faces Another Suit
11/30/2009 Former Franklin Chair Joins Amer. Diversified Board
11/30/2009 Fidelity Sees Changes in its Senior Ranks
11/30/2009 B Shares' Plight Attracts the WSJ's Attention
11/30/2009 Investors are Enamored of Junk
11/30/2009 WSJ Looks at the Bright Side of 2008's Market Downturn
11/27/2009 See the 40 Most Influential People in Fund Distribution
11/27/2009 SmartMoney Serves Up its List of Fund Turkeys
11/27/2009 Claymore Puts Four ETFs on the Chopping Block
11/27/2009 1. Paul Hatch
11/27/2009 2. Matt Witkos
11/27/2009 3. Mark Casady
11/27/2009 4. Tim Buckley
11/27/2009 5. Don Phillips
11/27/2009 WSJ Spotlights JPMorgan's Intrepid Stockpicker
11/25/2009 Early Reserve Primary Redemptions Won't Get Precedence
11/25/2009 ALPS is Adopting Again
11/25/2009 6. Lee Kranefuss
11/25/2009 7. Peter Cieszko
11/25/2009 8. Erin Donnelly
11/25/2009 9. Walt Bettinger
11/25/2009 10. Peter Jones
11/25/2009 Van Eck Looks to Poland
11/25/2009 Mutual Fund Assets Drop 1.3 Percent in October
11/25/2009 11. Hugh Kelly
11/25/2009 12. Paul Riley
11/25/2009 13. Avi Nachmany
11/25/2009 14. Don Froude
11/25/2009 15. Tom Butch
11/25/2009 A Jury Smites an Ex-Fido Trader for Insider Trading
11/25/2009 State Street's Logue to Get a $6 Million Transition Award
11/25/2009 American Funds Shareholders Rebuff Darfur Proposal
11/24/2009 A Sales Exec Goes from Baron to BlackRock
11/24/2009 16. Andy O'Rourke
11/24/2009 17. Chris Blunt
11/24/2009 18. Keith Hartstein
11/24/2009 19. Doug Hanson
11/24/2009 20. John Cammack
11/24/2009 Gross Takes a Shine to Government Debt
11/24/2009 Eaton Vance's Earnings Rise 39 Percent
11/24/2009 Fink Focuses on the Future and Talks ETFs
11/24/2009 Franklin is on the Prowl for a Branding Expert
11/24/2009 21. Mark Schlafly
11/24/2009 22. Michael Sapir
11/24/2009 23. Neil Bathon
11/24/2009 24. Brad Ross
11/24/2009 25. Brian Gaffney
11/24/2009 BlackRock and Pimco Managers Worry Over Short-Term TIPS
11/24/2009 Hedged Mutual Fund Sales Skyrocket
11/24/2009 Reserve Distributes All But 14 Percent of Another Fund
11/23/2009 A Midwestern Asset Manager Scouts for a CEO
11/23/2009 26. George Gatch
11/23/2009 27. Frank Coates
11/23/2009 28. Frank Porcelli
11/23/2009 29. David Giunta
11/23/2009 30. Jamie Kase
11/23/2009 Activists Worry Over Anti-Genocide Proxy Voting at American Funds
11/23/2009 Vanguard Says its ETF Assets are Up 95 Percent
11/23/2009 DWS is Close to Revealing its Pick for National Sales Manager
11/23/2009 Advisors Favor American Funds' Ideas
11/23/2009 Van Eck is Expanding its International ETF Lineup
11/23/2009 Keeley Sextuples Down on Legg Mason
11/23/2009 A Hedge-Fund-Like Manager Plans an ETF of ETFs
11/23/2009 31. Adam Sheer
11/23/2009 32. Chuck Jaffe
11/23/2009 33. David Booth
11/23/2009 34. Amy Dobra
11/23/2009 35. Brent Harris
11/20/2009 BlackRock Hires an Ex-DWS Sales Exec
11/20/2009 UBS' Investment Solutions Chief Departs
11/20/2009 36. Judy Rice
11/20/2009 37. Bruce Speca
11/20/2009 38. Robin Beery
11/20/2009 39. Ken Anderson
11/20/2009 40. Marty Beaulieu
11/20/2009 Bond Passes the Baton at Invesco PowerShares
11/20/2009 Oppenheimer to Pay $20 Million to Settle a 529 Suit
11/20/2009 Minimum Investment is Set to Quadruple at Fairholme Fund
11/20/2009 Managers' Track Records Matter, Says Maxey
11/19/2009 DTCC Rings in a Decade
11/19/2009 Fidelity Helps Almost 170 Brokers Go Independent
11/19/2009 Lord Abbett Twitters Away
11/19/2009 BofA Holds on to Columbia's Money Funds
11/19/2009 Who Made it to Morningstar's Manager of the Decade Shortlist?
11/19/2009 TD Might Buy E*Trade, Under the 'Right Terms'
11/19/2009 Pimco's Newest Hat Sparks Conflict-of-Interest Worries
11/19/2009 Weekly Long-Term Fund Flows Almost Triple
11/18/2009 Janus Taps an Interim Tech Chief
11/18/2009 A Pair of Pimco Alums Toss their Hat into the Absolute Return Ring
11/18/2009 Asset Managers are Back in Hiring Mode
11/18/2009 Legg Mason Staffers will Rub Elbows with B-Schoolers
11/18/2009 Arnott and Co. Land a Patent
11/18/2009 IndexIQ Takes Aim At M&A with its New ETF
11/17/2009 Unwittingly, Two Build America Funds Launch on the Same Day
11/17/2009 MFS Forecasts Brighter Skies Ahead
11/17/2009 ALPS Teams Up with a Long/Short Specialist
11/17/2009 Francfort is Back at Neuberger Berman
11/17/2009 Reich and Tang Swallows a Money Fund
11/17/2009 PMs Weigh in on Golden Prospects
11/17/2009 For a Niche Fund, One Good Fee Cut Deserves Another
11/17/2009 Aston's Parent Posts Higher Q3 Net Income
11/17/2009 Pimco Mints an Active ETF
11/16/2009 Fidelity Just Met a Retirement Income Partner
11/16/2009 Blunt is on the Hunt for Acquisitions
11/16/2009 Principal is Hiring in Texas and North Carolina
11/16/2009 Money Fund Managers Return to Pre-Crash Tactics
11/16/2009 Reserve Hits 'Pause' on a Liquidation
11/13/2009 Ameriprise Reveals Distribution Leadership at the Combined Company
11/13/2009 Sentinel Names its New Marketing Chief
11/13/2009 Social Media Lures Asset Managers
11/13/2009 Putnam Shifts Towards Mutual Funds as Outflows Slow
11/13/2009 Has the ETF Tide Turned?
11/13/2009 MFAC Has Your Number
11/13/2009 Ned Says Goodbye to Putnam
11/13/2009 Invesco PowerShares Preps for its Sole ETF Listing This Year
11/13/2009 Three First Funds Won't Last Until 2010
11/13/2009 A Fido Small-Cap Fund Gets an Encore
11/12/2009 Natixis' Sales Chief Shifts Roles
11/12/2009 Larry and Bill are Among the World's Most Powerful
11/12/2009 DFA Pulls in $5.8 Billion
11/12/2009 iShares Caters to Investors Seeking 'Genocide-Free' Options
11/12/2009 Nationwide Reorgs its Investment Management Unit
11/12/2009 Nuveen Hires Levi
11/12/2009 IndexIQ Works on its Answer to ProShares' 130/30 ETF
11/12/2009 A Former Fund Chief Climbs Another Rung at Aegon
11/12/2009 WSJ Ponders the 'Most-Flexible' Mutual Funds
11/11/2009 Neuberger Banks on a New Fund
11/11/2009 Legg Mason Chief Speaks Out on Breakup Speculation
11/11/2009 MSSB Recommends a Hennessy Fund
11/11/2009 Van Eck Mines for More ETF Gold
11/11/2009 ING's Fund Outflows and Sales Both Fall
11/11/2009 New York Life Tweaks its Distribution Strategy
11/11/2009 Another Senior Exec Leaves Fido
11/11/2009 State Street Hires Overseas, But What About Here?
11/10/2009 OOK Receives a Makeover
11/10/2009 Fund Ranker Looks Forward Without Stepping Back
11/10/2009 Buffett's Buy Sends Some Funds Sky High
11/10/2009 An NJ Fund Co Designs Seven Foreign ETFs
11/10/2009 Astor Longs for ETFs With a New Fund
11/9/2009 RS Invests in a BlackRock Alum
11/9/2009 Old Mutual Picks Up a Founding Member of Rydex SGI
11/9/2009 IndexIQ Aims to Amp Up its Distribution
11/9/2009 Jaffe: The End of C Shares Cometh?
11/9/2009 US Fund Firms Circle the Royal Bank of Scotland
11/9/2009 AMG Tests the Waters in China
11/9/2009 Beacon Hill Anticipates a Profitable 2010
11/9/2009 How Will the SC Rule on Oakmark?
11/6/2009 Majority of Equity Funds Upped their Expense Ratios, Lipper Finds
11/6/2009 New York Fundsters Turn Out for the Yankees
11/6/2009 Turner is On the Prowl for More Wholesalers
11/6/2009 Citi Puts Primerica on the IPO Path
11/6/2009 State Street Pads its Legal Reserve
11/6/2009 Fuse Gains Momentum
11/6/2009 A Makeover is Underway at OOK
11/5/2009 A California Fund Firm is Hiring its First Ever Wholesaler
11/5/2009 Turner Ups its Wholesaler Count by Five
11/5/2009 Sheets Lands on Beacon Hill
11/5/2009 MFS Posts a 17 Percent Drop in Q3 Earnings
11/5/2009 Long-Term Mutual Funds Extend their Winning Streak
11/5/2009 Surge in Activity Around a PowerShares ETF Draws the WSJ's Notice
11/5/2009 Better Luck Next Year for Money Market Funds?
11/4/2009 Value Line to Settle SEC Charges for $45 Million
11/4/2009 Which Fund Firms Excel at Connecting with Advisors?
11/4/2009 An ETF Manager Gains Two New Siblings
11/4/2009 Pimco Grabs a Goldman Alum
11/4/2009 Seven New Vanguard ETFs Are Still Coming Soon
11/4/2009 Virtus Posts Higher Operating Income
11/4/2009 Will Mutual Funds Gain Access to the Federal Thrift Savings Plan?
11/4/2009 Treasury Funds Trumped Stock Funds Over the Past Decade
11/4/2009 Q3 Net Sales are Down 4 Percent at Hartford
11/3/2009 AUM Drops at Principal Global Asset Management
11/3/2009 Pimco Hedges Inflation With a New Fund
11/3/2009 kasina Brings a Mutual Fund E-Business Guru on Board
11/3/2009 A One-Star Rating Isn't the End of the World
11/3/2009 Vanguard Grabs ETF Market Share
11/3/2009 Pimco Adds a Pair of ETFs
11/3/2009 Timothy Plays Defense With a New Fund
11/3/2009 A Former Brokerage Chief Snaps Up Three of ING's B-Ds
11/2/2009 Distribution Chief Leaves a New York Fund Firm
11/2/2009 Vanguard Doubles a Fee for One Fund
11/2/2009 The Supremes Ponder Oakmark
11/2/2009 Stull, Stull and Brody Targets Another ProShares ETF
11/2/2009 Schwab's ETF Strategy: Everyone (on its Client Roster) Trades Free
11/2/2009 UBS Global Asset Management 'Is Not For Sale'
11/2/2009 Walt Bets on ETFs
11/2/2009 Van Eck's Success Story Attracts the Journal's Attention
11/2/2009 For Bill Gross, Total Return's Size Doesn't Matter
11/2/2009 Growth Funds Are Gearing Up
11/2/2009 When Do Index Funds Really Work?
11/2/2009 Lauricella Ponders the Golden Question
11/2/2009 WSJ Casts a Skeptical Eye on ETF 529s
11/2/2009 Low Volatility Funds at AIM, Janus and Royce Get Props from the WSJ
10/30/2009 WisdomTree Chases Real Returns
10/30/2009 Bogle Reopens a Fund
10/30/2009 Macquarie Earmarks 'Additional Capital' For Delaware
10/30/2009 Headcount Reduction Continues at AllianceBernstein
10/30/2009 Should the Fund Industry Rethink Target Date Fund Branding?
10/30/2009 Morningstar Posts Four-Star Profits in the Third Quarter
10/30/2009 Fundsters' Eyes Turn to the Supreme Court
10/29/2009 Wall Street Journal Turns Out the Lights in Boston
10/29/2009 ING Execs Play Musical Chairs
10/29/2009 ReFlow Ponders Continued Volatility in Fund Flows
10/29/2009 AMG Hires an Affiliate-Focused Distribution Exec
10/29/2009 Why Did Fidelity's Parent Sell $700 Million of Debt?
10/29/2009 Madison Plans to Fold a Growth Fund into its Value Counterpart
10/29/2009 Lincoln is 'On Track' to Finish Delaware Sale
10/29/2009 Fido Reviews its Ad Account Across the Pond
10/29/2009 Funds are Still Seeing Inflows After 32 Weeks
10/28/2009 AMG Boosts Net Income Year-Over-Year
10/28/2009 Jefferies Sprouts Two More Equity ETFs
10/28/2009 Tweedy, Browne Aims to Free Investors From Currency Hedges
10/28/2009 Franklin's Numbers Draw the WSJ's Notice
10/28/2009 Calamos Returns to the Black
10/28/2009 Advisors Pick the Best Asset Manager Web Sites
10/28/2009 Bill Gross Worries About Asset Overvaluation
10/28/2009 The WSJ Test-Drives and Smiles On a ProShares ETF
10/27/2009 Franklin Targets 20,000 Advisors with its New Campaign
10/27/2009 IndexIQ Unveils Inflation Hedging ETFs
10/27/2009 Dblaine Creates its First Mutual Fund
10/27/2009 Waddell & Reed's Q3 Profits Stay Flat
10/27/2009 Barney Frank and Co May Open the Door to More Fund Disclosure Requirements
10/27/2009 Van Eck Thinks Small With a New India ETF
10/27/2009 McCann Squelches Talk of a UBS Sale
10/27/2009 Fidelity's Rakers Rakes in Big Gains
10/26/2009 Fund Companies Get Gold Stars
10/26/2009 ProShares Faces Two More Leveraged Fund Suits
10/26/2009 Buffalo Partially Shutters a $2.4 Billion Fund
10/26/2009 Vanguard is in the Market for Office Space
10/26/2009 ING Plans to Divest its Investment Management Business
10/26/2009 Capital Group Gets the Star Treatment
10/26/2009 Ex-Templeton CEO Blasts 12b-1s
10/26/2009 Federated's Future May Hold More Deals
10/26/2009 Peltz Secures a Spot on Legg Mason's Board
10/23/2009 Rod Stewart Rocks the Baron Conference
10/23/2009 Fund Firms Need to Help Advisors Reach Women
10/23/2009 T. Rowe Plans a $12 Million Advertising Increase
10/22/2009 Logue Steps Aside at State Street
10/22/2009 Janus Expects a New CEO by January
10/22/2009 Federated Waived $36.5 Million in Fees Last Quarter
10/22/2009 Pioneer Merges Two Mid Caps
10/22/2009 Fink Reveals a Growing, Nine-Figure Ad Budget
10/22/2009 Fairholme Founds Focused Fixed-Income Fund
10/22/2009 The Columbia Deal Has Cost Ameriprise $3 Million So Far
10/22/2009 DST Adds 1.4 Million Mutual Fund Accounts
10/22/2009 Janus' Q3 Net Tumbles 68 Percent
10/22/2009 Fund Flows Stay Positive for 31 Weeks and Counting
10/22/2009 Legg Mason Swings to a Q2 Profit
10/22/2009 Will New Money Fund Regs Arrive By 2010?
10/22/2009 Cohen & Steers Returns to the Black
10/22/2009 Investors Can Now Trade Foreign Stocks Via Fidelity
10/21/2009 Which Morgan Stanley PMs are Invesco-Bound?
10/21/2009 Healy Trades Fidelity for Private Equity
10/21/2009 Hartstein is Looking to Buy, Continue Adoption Spree
10/21/2009 Morningstar to Crown Manager of the Decade
10/21/2009 A Senior Distribution Exec Moves to the River
10/21/2009 FBR Does a Deal
10/21/2009 AMG Has a New Face in the Boardroom
10/21/2009 Two Hartford Funds Get Hitched
10/21/2009 SEI Boosts Earnings as Assets Recover a Bit
10/21/2009 Vanguard's Volpert Talks TIPS
10/20/2009 Flanagan Sees Distribution Opp, Not Cost-Savings, in Van Kampen
10/20/2009 Direxion Preps an IPO Fund
10/20/2009 SSgA's Fees Drop Even as its AUM Climbs
10/20/2009 Moody's Slashes Fido Parent's Debt Rating
10/20/2009 BlackRock's Net Rises 46 Percent
10/19/2009 Invesco Pulls the Trigger on Van Kampen Deal
10/19/2009 Is Pimco Mulling a Liftout?
10/19/2009 SouthernSun Adds an Institutional Class to its Small Cap Fund
10/19/2009 Merk Meets a Milestone
10/19/2009 Larry, Mary and Bill Land on Power 30 List
10/19/2009 Investors Continue to Gravitate Toward Bond ETFs
10/19/2009 Analysts See BlackRock Trumping its Peers in Q3 Profit Gains
10/19/2009 DundeeWealth is Coming to America
10/19/2009 Bonus Pools are Likely Down by as Much as 35 Percent
10/16/2009 SEC Brings in a Goldman Exec
10/16/2009 Ex-Fund Action Editor Takes on the Retirement Beat
10/16/2009 Columbia's Q3 Net Loss Shrinks
10/16/2009 Aston Shuts a Small Cap Fund to New Investors
10/16/2009 Third Avenue Chief Warns Fundsters: Brace for More Regulatory Scrutiny
10/16/2009 Kasina Adds a Senior Consultant
10/15/2009 FRC's Research Head Jumps to a Boston Fund Firm
10/15/2009 A New York Fund Shop Dreams of Africa
10/15/2009 Beacon Hill Ups its Headcount by Three
10/15/2009 Halo Effect Boosts JPMorgan's Fund Sales
10/15/2009 Investors' Love Affair with Bonds is Surprising Even to Bond Fund Managers
10/14/2009 Schwab Finds a Wells Notice on its Doorstep
10/14/2009 Two Fund Sponsors Sniff for Deals
10/14/2009 Franklin Fishes a Bond Expert from Thames River
10/14/2009 American Funds' Outflows and Pimco's Inflows Continue
10/14/2009 HSBC, Transamerica to Add Money Fund Share Classes
10/14/2009 WSJ Examines Three Europe-Focused Value Funds
10/13/2009 Touchstone's New Chief Scouts for Acquisitions
10/13/2009 DTCC Prepares to Ford the Hudson
10/13/2009 Transamerica's Parent Pumps $650 Million Into Its US Ops
10/13/2009 T. Rowe Global Head Sees Strength in the U.S. Fund Industry
10/13/2009 Vice Rolls the Dice With Mag Readers
10/13/2009 Lieber Expects a Boost from Rio's Olympic Win
10/13/2009 Yount Parts Ways with Janus
10/12/2009 Fido is on the Hunt to Fill a Sales Post
10/12/2009 Fries is Set to Part with the Thornburg Value Fund
10/12/2009 What's Bill Miller Up To?
10/12/2009 Krawcheck Joins BlackRock's Board
10/12/2009 Ex-Allianz Distribution Chief Lands a New Gig
10/9/2009 Vanguard Closes Its Top-Performing Fund
10/9/2009 At Ivy, Wholesalers' Comp Marks a Shift from Past Years
10/9/2009 JPMorgan is Scouting SoCal for a Sales Hire
10/9/2009 Thornburg is Cooking Up a Developing Markets Fund
10/9/2009 Schwab Plans to Merge Two International Funds
10/9/2009 Rabusch Talks About the Wells-Evergreen Marriage
10/9/2009 Vanguard is Hit with a Race Discrimination Suit
10/9/2009 Grail Builds Another Active Bond ETF
10/8/2009 The McCann-BofA-UBS Saga Nears Conclusion
10/8/2009 Vanguard Sails into the Final Stages of its Ad Agency Search
10/8/2009 Driehaus Switches Custodians
10/8/2009 Seven Fundsters Land on Forbes' 400 Richest List
10/8/2009 Study Deals a Fresh Blow to Active Funds
10/8/2009 BlackRock is in the Running for Yet Another Government Gig
10/8/2009 Virtus Overhauls Two Funds with a New Sub-Advisor
10/7/2009 Asset Management Deal Value is Up, Volume Down in Q3
10/7/2009 Putnam Moves to Lure More RIA Business
10/7/2009 Franklin, MFS Score Distribution Deals
10/7/2009 Vanguard Hangs a Warning Sign
10/7/2009 Ruling on Mutual Fund Ads is Not Effective, Study Finds
10/7/2009 For Consistent Savers, 401k Balances Shrunk 24 Percent in '08
10/6/2009 A Schroders Exec Moves On
10/6/2009 Weldon Becomes a Partner at Lord Abbett
10/6/2009 US Bancorp Fund Services Hops on the Buyer's Seat for the First Time in Eight Years
10/6/2009 Bond ETFs Are Different Than Equity ETFs
10/6/2009 Obama Eyes a T. Rowe Exec for a Treasury Job
10/6/2009 International Funds Post Large Gains in Q3
10/5/2009 A Mutual Fund Administrator Changes Hands
10/5/2009 Krawcheck Declares: The Bull is Back
10/5/2009 Grail Files to Launch Two A Pair of Active Bond ETFs
10/5/2009 Saturna Rolls Out its Third Fund Aimed at American Muslim Investors
10/5/2009 Legg Mason Rebrands its Funds
10/5/2009 Target-Date Funds Get a Break from Negative Press
10/5/2009 Vanguard Capital's Higgins is Off to a Smashing Start
10/5/2009 529s Attract Interest from the Obama Administration
10/5/2009 WSJ Lists Alternatives to Money Market Funds
10/5/2009 WSJ Highlights Another ETF Site
10/5/2009 Reserve Makes its Fifth Distribution to Primary Fund Shareholders
10/5/2009 Franklin Manager Rides Euro Recovery
10/2/2009 Direxion Preps Monthly Leveraged ETFs
10/2/2009 Ameriprise May Merge Some Fund Boards
10/2/2009 ProFunds Beefs Up Its Warning Labels
10/2/2009 When it Comes to Branding, 'Don't Get Fooled Again'
10/2/2009 OppFunds Yields Top ICI Spot to T. Rowe
10/2/2009 Industry Experts Discuss Consolidation, Compensation
10/2/2009 Pimco and American Funds Impress Advisors With Style Consistency
10/2/2009 Another iShares Fund Emerges
10/2/2009 DTCC Makes a Strategic Hire From Mother Merrill
10/2/2009 Van Kampen's Most Likely Groom is Still Invesco
10/2/2009 Golden Fund Managers Catch the WSJ's Attention
10/2/2009 Innovation Must Continue, Product Execs Say
10/1/2009 Legg Mason Mulls Active ETFs
10/1/2009 Beacon Hill Lands Another Distribution Client
10/1/2009 Distributors Don't See ETFs as a Threat to Mutual Funds
10/1/2009 Small Fund Firms Share Tips for Success
10/1/2009 Political Contributions Draw Attention to Fidelity
10/1/2009 American Century Summarizes Prospectuses
10/1/2009 Vanguard Powers Up Its Board With a New Director
10/1/2009 Investment Manager Valuations are Down Nearly Half, Says I-Banker
10/1/2009 Manulife Buys Another Canadian Fund Firm
10/1/2009 Gross Won't Close Total Return Yet
10/1/2009 T. Rowe Buys Into the Sub-Continent
10/1/2009 Regulators Force Changes at Two Commodities ETFs
10/1/2009 Columbia Sells: A Day Later

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