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Stories Published Between 1/1/2024 And 4/1/2024
3/28/2024 Happy Easter Weekend!
3/28/2024 $1B In 14 Months, Then $2B In 3 Weeks
3/27/2024 Schwab Pulls Ahead With $10.4B
3/27/2024 An Ultra Short Term Fund Turns 20
3/26/2024 Pacer Raises a 10th Cash Cow
3/26/2024 Active Inflows Return After a 28-Month Gap
3/25/2024 The Open-End Mutual Fund Biz Turns 100
3/25/2024 Week In Preview, March 25 - March 31
3/22/2024 A SoCal Quant Makes His 2nd ETF Splash
3/22/2024 Stock Fund Inflows Rise By $12.9B
3/21/2024 21Shares Wins the February Per Fund Race
3/21/2024 A Crypto-Focused Firm Leads With $949MM
3/20/2024 Grayscale's Outflows Shrink By $3B
3/20/2024 Vanguard Stays In Front, Despite an $8B Drop
3/19/2024 Fido's Inflows Rise By $15B
3/19/2024 Beyond $12 Trillion
3/18/2024 WisdomTree Builds 2 Complements to a $17B Fund
3/18/2024 Week In Preview, March 18 - March 24
3/15/2024 Pre-Deal, a Southeastern AM Debuts Its 4th ETP
3/15/2024 After a Deal and 2 MFs, a Gotham AM Reaches $10B
3/14/2024 IR+M Teams With a CA ETF Shop
3/14/2024 In 19 Months, This Flagship Surpasses $3B
3/13/2024 A 6-Year-Old Gotham Firm Adds 2 0DTE ETFs
3/13/2024 A Principal Owner Prepares to Retire From a $13.4B-AUM Firm
3/12/2024 A 13-Year-Old Texas Shop Enters the ETF Biz
3/12/2024 Five of 2024's Most Sustainable Fund Firms
3/11/2024 Harbor Doubles Down With an ETF Ally of 18 Months
3/11/2024 Week In Preview, March 11 - March 17
3/8/2024 A Gotham AM Adds 2 Magnificent 7 ETFs, And ...
3/8/2024 Long-Term Inflows Swell By $9.5B As IBIT's Double
3/7/2024 Defiance, Tidal, and Zega Partner For a 5th ETF, And ...
3/7/2024 4 Months In, a New Suite Reaches $545MM
3/6/2024 Teaming Up In NJ, Simplify Goes International
3/6/2024 2024's Eight Most Ethical Fund Firms
3/5/2024 After 22 Years, an SVP Leaves M*, And ...
3/5/2024 An FBI-Vet-Turned-Fundster-C-Suiter Dies
3/4/2024 A $973B-AUM Multinational Enters the Active ETF Space
3/4/2024 Week In Preview, March 4 - March 10
3/1/2024 In April, a $716B-AUM AM Will Wind Down an ETF
3/1/2024 IBIT Threepeats, Netting $1.1B
2/29/2024 Who Will Take Over the Low-Cost Leviathan?
2/29/2024 Size Matters When Seeding ETFs
2/28/2024 Fidelity Repeats As These Inflows Rise By $44B
2/28/2024 The JPMAM Team Mourns a 25-Year Senior Leader
2/27/2024 Active Outflows Shrink By 96 Percent, And ...
2/27/2024 With $840MM Per Fund, a New Fam Leads
2/26/2024 An Insurer's New Funds Win With $3.4B
2/26/2024 Week In Preview, February 26 - March 3
2/23/2024 Netting $2.33B, Dodge & Cox Leads
2/23/2024 Money Fund Outflows Shrink By $7.9B
2/22/2024 Near Tampa, a 26-Year Franklin Templeton Vet Exits
2/22/2024 With a $15B Spike, Vanguard Regains the Lead
2/21/2024 Fido Pulls Ahead With $13.09B
2/21/2024 With 15 Strategies, an ETF Shop Surpasses $2B
2/20/2024 One of RBB's Original Overseers Steps Back, But ...
2/20/2024 Week In Preview, February 20 - February 25
2/16/2024 Happy Presidents' Day Weekend!
2/16/2024 Long-Term Flows Improve By $31B
2/15/2024 Calamos Combos Bonds With Options On Stocks
2/15/2024 11 Years In, a Cali AM's Chief Passes the Reins
2/14/2024 A $1.5T-AUM Firm Adds Its 12th ETF
2/14/2024 A 27-Year-Old AM Comes to the Spiral
2/13/2024 A 27-Year Old AM Offers a Bet On EMs, Sans China
2/13/2024 Fido's Earnings Rise to $8.5B
2/12/2024 The Boston Behemoth Expands to 66 ETFs and Counting
2/12/2024 Week In Preview, February 12 - February 19
2/9/2024 After 38 Years, a Russell C-Suiter Retires
2/9/2024 Flows Sour By $66B
2/8/2024 With a New Ally, a Subadvised Firm Targets Munis
2/8/2024 Here's How FAs Want to Hear From You
2/7/2024 Man Will Power a U.S. Firm's 2nd ETF
2/7/2024 A $573B-AUM AM Is Phasing Out Multiple Brands
2/6/2024 A $1.6T-AUM AM's Equity Investing Chief Exits
2/6/2024 A Cali Fund Firm Turns 35
2/5/2024 A Boston Firm's Three-Year-Old Market Neutral Fund Will Shutter Soon
2/5/2024 Week In Preview, February 5 - February 11
2/2/2024 A $100B-AUM AM Adds a Quality Growth Duo
2/2/2024 A $48.6B Flows Turnaround In One Week
2/1/2024 Two Months In, a Florida AM Tweaks a Fund's Brand
2/1/2024 An AZ Fund Firm Moves Down the Street
1/31/2024 Defiance Teams With Tidal and Zega For a 4th Launch
1/31/2024 A $2T-AUM Firm's Money Fund Team Has a Golden Celebration
1/30/2024 These Funds Made a $1.025T 2023 Comeback
1/30/2024 A Midwestern ETF Shop Seals a $3.7B-AUM Mass Adoption
1/29/2024 3 Years In, a Startup Adds 3 Corporate Bond ETFs
1/29/2024 Week In Preview, January 29 - February 4
1/26/2024 December Was a $118B Passive Month
1/26/2024 Weekly Outflows Shrink By $15.8B
1/25/2024 Bridge Builder Threepeats As Flows Rebound
1/25/2024 A Philly Area Firm Leads With $1.1B
1/24/2024 Bridge Builder Wins With $12B
1/24/2024 SSGA Takes the 2023 Crown After a Massive December
1/23/2024 Near Gotham, an AM Combines Futures With 60-40
1/23/2024 A European AM Will Buy a $173MM-AUM U.S. Trio
1/22/2024 The $443.748B Comeback
1/22/2024 Week In Preview, January 22 - January 28
1/19/2024 A 33-Year-Old AM Adds 2 ETFs
1/19/2024 Long-Term Outflows Disappear, Thanks to Bond Funds and Alts
1/18/2024 A CT Duo Add Three Single-Stock ETFs, And ...
1/18/2024 50 Years, $560B In AUM
1/17/2024 A $4B-AUM ETF Shop Starts a Corp Credit Series
1/17/2024 Nine of the Most Responsible Fund Firms Are ...
1/16/2024 A $35.5B-AUM AM Adds an ETF-of-CEFs
1/16/2024 Week In Preview, January 16 - January 21
1/12/2024 100 Weeks of Outflows and Counting
1/12/2024 Happy MLK Jr Day Weekend!
1/12/2024 How the Spot Bitcoin ETPs Fared On Day One
1/11/2024 A $651B-AUM AM's Chief Passes the Reins
1/11/2024 Fink and Kapito Reallocate Resources
1/10/2024 Spot Bitcoin ETPs Will Arrive Tomorrow
1/10/2024 Hurtsellers Passes the Reins After 8 Years, And ...
1/9/2024 An 18-Year-Old Fund-of-Funds Transforms
1/9/2024 A 20-Year-Old Growth Equity Shop Sells
1/8/2024 A $159.6B-AUM AM Adds a Small-Cap ETF
1/8/2024 Week In Preview, January 8 - January 15
1/5/2024 An 18-Year-Old Firm's Lineup Expands to 14
1/5/2024 MMFs Drive a $56B Week 1
1/4/2024 A $715B-AUM AM Adds a 4th ETF
1/4/2024 A 44-Year-Old AM's Founder Passes the Reins, And ...
1/3/2024 A $1.2T-AUM Firm Kicks Off Two 12-Fund Series
1/3/2024 New Year, New Owners For a $75B-AUM Firm
1/2/2024 Great-West Sells Putnam, As Planned
1/2/2024 $8.1 Trillion and Counting

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