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Stories Published Between 1/1/2023 And 4/1/2023
3/31/2023 American Century Floats Another Income ETF
3/31/2023 Long-Term Flows Drop $39B In a Week
3/30/2023 Yellen Sees Structural Vulnerabilities In Mutual Funds
3/30/2023 American Century and Northern Trust Test a Data Platform
3/29/2023 A Three-Year-Old Firm Adds a Commodity Strat Fund
3/29/2023 Two of the Top Fund Firms For Remote Work In 2023 Are ...
3/28/2023 Fidelity Repeats With $31B
3/28/2023 What FA Data Do You Gather?
3/27/2023 Passive Inflows Drop $76B, and ...
3/27/2023 Week In Preview, March 27 - April 2
3/24/2023 Long-Term Flows Improve By $37B
3/24/2023 A $665B-AUM Firm Adds 3 Active ETFs
3/23/2023 Dodge & Cox Leads With $80MM Per Fund
3/23/2023 BlackRock and Cap Group Win Big In Chi-Town
3/22/2023 North Slope Wins With $156MM
3/22/2023 31 of the Most Influential Female Fundsters In 2023
3/21/2023 AXS Leads With $354MM
3/21/2023 Birdthistle Sees Tech, Demographics, and Industry Growth Shaking Up Asset Management
3/20/2023 BNY Mellon Leads With $2.3B
3/20/2023 Week In Preview, March 20 - March 26
3/17/2023 Schwab Wins Again Despite a Flows Slowdown
3/17/2023 Money Market Fund Flows Jump $110B
3/16/2023 Titans' Flows Fall By $38B
3/16/2023 Three Jensen Employees Gain Stakes
3/15/2023 A $196B-AUMS Firm Adds an Inflation Sensitive Fund
3/15/2023 For Cap Group, Is the Fifth Time the Charm?
3/14/2023 A $7.2T-AUM Firm Adds a 7-Bps Fund
3/14/2023 2023's Nine Most Ethical Fund Firms
3/13/2023 A $1.4T-AUM Firm Preps a Multi-Asset Income Fund
3/13/2023 Week In Preview, March 13 - March 19
3/10/2023 A Multi-Boutique Adds a 5th Fund to a 7-Month-Old Suite
3/10/2023 A $57B Plunge In One Week
3/9/2023 A $2T-AUS Firm Adds a Muni Bond ETF
3/9/2023 Spouting Rock Bets On a 3-Year-Old Boutique
3/8/2023 MFS Offers Tips For Better Serving Female Investors
3/8/2023 BBD Sells Its Fund Audit Biz, As Expected
3/7/2023 An ETF Vet Joins a Texas Bank
3/7/2023 A $128B-AUM Firm Adds a Value ESG Fund
3/6/2023 A Gotham Fund Firm Lays Off Nine
3/6/2023 Week In Preview, March 6 - March 12
3/3/2023 Booyah! New ETFs Bet On and Against Cramer
3/3/2023 Long-Term Outflows Jump to $16B, But ...
3/2/2023 A 50-Year-Old Firm Enters the ETF Space Via Conversion
3/2/2023 Principal AM Expands Via Reorg
3/1/2023 A San Fran Startup Adds a 2nd Active ETF
3/1/2023 Victory Leads As Mr. Market Smites Most Fund Firms
2/28/2023 Fidelity's Inflows Rise to $27B
2/28/2023 15 of the Best Fund Firms to Work For In 2023
2/27/2023 JPMAM Threepeats With $6B
2/27/2023 Week In Preview: February 27 - March 5
2/24/2023 Kovitz Wins With $132MM
2/24/2023 Net Flows Worsen By $7.7B
2/23/2023 BondBloxx Leads With $137MM
2/23/2023 DFA Mourns a Distro Visionary
2/22/2023 Small Firm Inflows Fall By $1.2B, But ...
2/22/2023 An ETF Entrepreneur Runs For President
2/21/2023 Midsize Flows Improve By $36B
2/21/2023 Week In Preview, February 21 - February 26
2/17/2023 Happy Presidents' Day Weekend!
2/17/2023 A One-Week, $25B Reversal
2/16/2023 With $5.2B, Schwab Threepeats
2/16/2023 32 Months, $1B In AUM, 16 Funds
2/15/2023 A $1.434-Trillion Month
2/15/2023 Jenny Johnson Picks an M&A Chief
2/14/2023 A $190B-AUMS Firm Launches a Multi-Strat Alts Fund
2/14/2023 95 Years, $6.5B In AUM, And ...
2/13/2023 13 Years In, an Ally to Fundsters Leaves Pershing
2/13/2023 Week In Preview, February 13 - February 20
2/10/2023 GuideStone Debuts Two Impact Funds
2/10/2023 Long-Term Flows Jump By $7.1B
2/9/2023 Joe Neuberger and a Vanguard Vet Take Over a Fund Firm
2/9/2023 O'Grady Picks NTAM's Next Chief
2/8/2023 A BlackRock Vet Will Take Over a $276.5B-AUM Firm
2/8/2023 Schlossberg Will Take Over a $1.4T-AUM Firm, And ...
2/7/2023 Antetokounmpo Makes an ETF Alliance
2/7/2023 15 Years, $4.5B In AUM
2/6/2023 Schuringa Debuts Two Funds
2/6/2023 Week In Preview, February 6 - February 12
2/3/2023 Cole Rises At a $641MM-AUM Startup, And ...
2/3/2023 Equity Funds Are the Sole, $637MM Bright Spot
2/2/2023 A 29-Year-Old Firm Launches Its 7th ETF
2/2/2023 Cohen & Co Will Buy an Ally to 120-Plus Fund Fams
2/1/2023 Seven Months Post-Merger, Two Chiefs Leave a Fund Distro Giant
2/1/2023 Mr. Market Boosted Fund Firms By 9 Percent In January
1/31/2023 A $151B Quarter Almost Reverses a Rough Year
1/31/2023 Abou-Jaoudé Will Take Over a $371B-AUM Multi-Boutique
1/30/2023 Vanguard Leads an Inflows Pack and an Outflows Pack. Wait, What?
1/30/2023 Week In Preview, January 30 - February 5
1/27/2023 The Average Fund Takes a $9MM Flows Hit
1/27/2023 Nondomestic Equity ETFs Rake In a Record $6.7B
1/26/2023 Micro Firm Outflows Fall 85 Percent
1/26/2023 Armour and Lovelace Prepare to Pass the Reins
1/25/2023 Is the Death of Mutual Funds Greatly Exaggerated?
1/25/2023 Franklin Preps a $68MM-AUM Transformation
1/24/2023 15 Years In, a Pimco SVP Exits
1/24/2023 In 2022, Mr. Market Took a 20-Percent Bite Out of Fund Firms, But ...
1/23/2023 Catalyst Leads With $2.2B
1/23/2023 Week In Preview, January 23 - January 29
1/20/2023 ProShares Takes the Lead With $15B
1/20/2023 Long-Term Inflows Fall $5B
1/19/2023 Schwab Dominates, Raking In $38B
1/19/2023 Pacer's AUM Doubles In a Year
1/18/2023 Titans' Inflows Fell By $793B
1/18/2023 From $10B to $20B In 11 Months
1/17/2023 Nationwide Finds Spangler's Successor
1/17/2023 Week In Preview, January 17 - 22
1/13/2023 Happy MLK Jr Day Weekend!
1/13/2023 Fixed Income Drives a $32B Flows Reversal
1/12/2023 A $221B-AUM Firm Adds a Fund From a $6.5B-AUM Team
1/12/2023 Despite 2022's Market Woes, $856B Flowed In
1/11/2023 A Titan Trims Headcount By 2.5 Percent
1/11/2023 Spouting Rock Will Buy a $2.5B-AUM Firm
1/10/2023 A 16-Year-Old Gotham Firm Enters the ETF Biz
1/10/2023 Three Years, $16MM In AUM
1/9/2023 A 30-Year Invesco Vet Joins a C-Suite
1/9/2023 Week In Preview, January 9 - January 16
1/6/2023 A 68-Year-Old Firm Adds an Active Commodity ETF
1/6/2023 $58B In Inflows In One Week
1/5/2023 An 8th Fund Joins a $13B-AUM Suite
1/5/2023 One of a $164B-AUM Firm's Founders Dies
1/4/2023 A Florida Startup Charges Into the ETF Space
1/4/2023 An Alts Shop Celebrates Its First ETF's First Birthday
1/3/2023 A Windy City ETF Startup Shakes Up Its C-Suite
1/3/2023 A Public Firm Enters the ETF Biz Via a $42MM-AUM Deal

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