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Stories Published Between 1/1/2020 And 4/1/2020
1/24/2020 A $5.9B-AUM ETF Shop Buys Twice
1/24/2020 A Publicly Traded Bank's AM Rakes In $9B
1/23/2020 JPMAM Keeps Its Lead
1/23/2020 The 16 Most-Admired Fund Firms
1/22/2020 Industry Inflows Proportionately Doubled In 2019
1/22/2020 Federated By Any Other Name
1/21/2020 Kraus and Co Led Last Year
1/21/2020 Week In Preview, 1/21-26
1/17/2020 Small Fund Firms Almost Turned It Around Last Year
1/17/2020 Happy MLK Jr Day!
1/17/2020 Crossing the $7T-AUM Mark
1/16/2020 Midsize Firms' Outflows Fell 78 Percent In 2019
1/16/2020 Top Leaders at Fido and the SEC Say Goodbye
1/15/2020 The $183B Year
1/15/2020 Bathon and Co Offer a New Intel Service
1/14/2020 Reynolds Hires a Retail Chief
1/14/2020 At a $623B-AUM Shop, a COO's Successor Rises
1/13/2020 Fundsters Added $3.9T In AUM Last Year
1/13/2020 Week In Preview, January 13-19
1/10/2020 After 14 Years, a Top Marketer Leaves a $72B-AUM Firm
1/10/2020 From Fixed Income Fundster to Mayor?
1/9/2020 An Ex-Goldman Vet Takes Over an NYC ETF Boutique
1/9/2020 Asness Cuts Again
1/8/2020 A T. Rowe Vet Takes Over a $42B Direct Channel
1/8/2020 What Will the Inspectors Focus On This Year?
1/7/2020 An Ex-COO Exits a $3B-AUM Shop
1/7/2020 Dave Nadig Flows to a New Job
1/6/2020 Repetto Hires a Familiar Academic
1/6/2020 Seven Years In, a U.S. Boutique Unwinds a Canadian Deal
1/3/2020 A 13-Year OpFunds Vet Rejoins Hancock
1/3/2020 Watch Larry and Walt This Year
1/2/2020 A W Coast Fund Firm Opens a Third Office
1/2/2020 $835B, $151B, and $52B

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