What Holds Back Fundsters' Videos For FAs?
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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

What Holds Back Fundsters' Videos For FAs?

When it comes to making videos for financial advisors, fundsters should focus their efforts on picking and training the right presenters, at least according to some new research from a consulting firm that supports the asset management industry.

Thomas Neil Bathon
Fuse Research Network
Founder, Partner
The "quality of primary presenter" is at the top of a list of five issues impacting fundsters' video production quality in the eyes of FAs, per data unveiled yesterday by the team at Fuse Research Network. The survey results will be included in Fuse's forthcoming Advisor Trend Monitor: Marketing Support: The Advisor View report. They note that nearly 90 percent of FAs watch asset manager videos (and more than 25 percent do so often).

FAs gave primary present quality a score of 3.8 (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the biggest issue) regarding its impact on video quality from fund firms. Advisors were more concerned about presenters than they were about sound quality issues (3.5), visual quality issues (3.5), mismatches between invitations or marketing and the videos (3.2), and editing (2.7).

The Fuse team offers several tips for helping video presenters (having them practice, keeping meetings short, using a good microphone, and more). They also note that the ideal video is between one and five minutes long.

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