Happy Easter Weekend!
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Thursday, April 6, 2023

Happy Easter Weekend!

In observance of the Good Friday market holiday, MFWire will be closed tomorrow, i.e. Friday, April 7. But don't worry: we'll be back (remotely, at least) on Monday, April 10.

In the meantime ...

  • Prepare for rebirth;
  • Eat a burrito (with salsa), some berries, some popcorn, some pasta, a cake, an empanada, a special ham, a cookie, and aother cake;
  • Pet a cat and take them to the vet;
  • Move together;
  • Raise a glass, but drink in moderation;
  • Thank someone for their service;
  • Spread the word;
  • Smell the flowers;
  • Stay awake;
  • Jump;
  • Use your benefits;
  • Play with your food;
  • Check out a book;
  • Wear something comfy;
  • Bounce back;
  • Cook something, measuring twice;
  • Celebrate the new year and our common struggles;
  • Grab a paddle;
  • Remember a horrifying tragedy;
  • Chop some wood;
  • Read a story and snack;
  • Stand up to someone;
  • Take a break;
  • Tune in;
  • Walk;
  • Draw;
  • Be mindful of your surroundings;
  • Stretch;
  • Catch a fish;
  • Break up a fight;
  • Visit some animals;
  • Step up;
  • Make a trade;
  • Strike a pose;
  • Remember victory;
  • Learn;
  • Polish something;
  • Call your mom;
  • Reinvent yourself; and
  • See the magic.

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