Happy Juneteenth Weekend!
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Friday, June 17, 2022

Happy Juneteenth Weekend!

In observance of the Juneteenth market holiday, MFWire will be closed Monday (i.e. June 20). But don't worry; we'll be back (remotely, at least) on Tuesday, June 21.

In the meantime:
Eat some greens, some poultry, a pastry, fruity treats, and something raw;
Remember a battle and the end of a horror;
Thank someone with an unappealing job or in healthcare;
take a walk with a friend, wearing some simple footwear;
Cheer for your team and our national bird;
Drink something fizzy, stiff, creamy or fizzy and creamy;
Make time for lunch, maybe outside;
Enjoy some geometry;
Cast your line;
Clean the tank;
Stand up to hate and violence;
Take a deep breath;
Catch a wave;
Chill with a pet;
Treat yourself;
Rethink your diet;
Change up your attire;
Toss something in the air;
Talk to your dad;
Give your cat a box, at work;
Mind the time;
Learn about a genetic blood disorder, an eye condition, and about the trials of refugees; and
Get something done.

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