A Motley Fool AM Exec Takes Over for Haygood
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Motley Fool AM Exec Takes Over for Haygood

A senior accountant for Motley Fool Asset Management, Patrycja Hanke will be handling the responsibilities of their former director of corporate finance, Greg Haygood.

MFWire recently reported on Haygood's departure from Motley Fool Asset Management.

He will be transferring to their sister company under The Motley Fool Holdings' umbrella. Haygood is moving from Motley Fool Asset Management to the Motley Fool, LLC's global publishing business, which has operations in Australia, the U.K., Canada, Singapore, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Haygood, who has been with Motley Fool Asset Management for over nine years, will handle corporate budgeting, finance and accounting for Motley Fool's international businesses.

He will continue to work from the Motley fool headquarters in Alexandra, VA.

Hanke has been been with Motley Fool for more than three years. She previously worked at Guggenheim as a senior fund administrator for five years.

Motley Fool Asset Management manages three mutual funds, one ETF, and a suite of SMAs. In total the firm has 12 employees, six portfolio managers and six sales, marketing, and operations employees.

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