Top Dogs at RidgeWorth Depart Post-Virtus
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Top Dogs at RidgeWorth Depart Post-Virtus

Several top dogs at RidgeWorth Investments are not joining Virtus Investment Partners following the closing of Virtus' acquisition of RidgeWorth earlier this month.

Robert Kuberski
RidgeWorth Investments
Former managing director
"The vast majority of RidgeWorth employees have come over to Virtus, but virtually all of senior management from Ridgeworth didnít come over," Joe Fazzino, a spokesperson for Virtus, tells MFWire.

Fazzino confirms that these former executives at RidgeWorth will not be joining Virtus:
  • Ashi Sarvabhoum Parikh, CEO
  • Jim Stueve, president
  • John Stebbins, CFO
  • These former executives did not immediately return a call for comment.

    Another former member of RidgeWorthís senior management who is not joining Virtus is Bob Kuberski, former managing director and head of retail sales. Kuberski tells MFWire that Virtus has a head of distribution and three divisionals, and that his position fit somewhere in between those roles.

    "It just wasnít efficient to add that layer," Kuberski says.

    Kuberski says this is all coming at a bad time because hiring is slow in the middle of the summer.

    "Itís nice to have a break, but I donít want to be out for that long," Kuberski says.

    But the former pro-football player has lined up some interviews, the details of which he could not disclose. He says he is looking for similar positions as his old role, but is mostly concerned with the cultural fit of the company and the opportunities the role offers.

    "Iím not job title shopping," Kuberski explains.

    Kuberski lives in Philadelphia right now, but says he is willing to relocate wherever he gets a job.

    Virtus, a Hartford, Connecticut-based publicly-traded partnership of boutique investment advisors, acquired RidgeWorth, an Atlanta-based multi-boutique asset management firm, for $513 million dollars increasing the firm's total AUM to $90.3 billion on a pro-forma basis as of March 31.

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