The Next Leg In Putnam's FA Support Program
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Next Leg In Putnam's FA Support Program

The next leg in Putnam's [profile] FA practice management support program is here, and this leg has four parts.

Scott Sipple
Putnam Investments
Head of Global Investment Strategies
Today Bob Reynolds and his team unveil "Four Strategies for a World of Uncertainty", a new whitepaper series they're pitching as "a thoughtful new strategic blueprint to help financial advisors -- and their clients -- navigate today's dynamic markets." The new series is part of the Maneuver in markets program that Reynolds unveiled in January.

"What we do is listen to our financial advisor clients," Scott Sipple, head of global investment strategies at Putnam, tells MFWire. The Putnam team, he adds, is focusing on the issues that FAs "are really concerned about."

The Putnam team divided those issues of FA concern into four areas: 1) "navigating rates by investing outside common indexes"; 2) "exploring new opportunities at the short end of the yield curve"; 3) "managing market volatility with modern diversification strategies"; and 4) "active strategies offer valuable sources of growth". The first white paper in the series comes out today and overviews those four areas; later papers "will drill down deeper into each of these topics", Sipple says.

Sipple says that Putnam may release a new white paper in the series "every couple of months or so," depending on what's going on in the markets. Yet he says the series won't be formulaic.

"It's not a set schedule," Sipple says, adding that Putnam may also revisit topics with different angles. "There's no target number [of papers in the series]. As market conditions change we might want to take a couple of different dives into one of these areas."

The whitepaper series will also be accompanied by webcasts for advisors, social media and website postings, onsite due diligence meetings, and more.

"There's a number of different ways that we're going to be getting this message out," Sipple says.

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