Gross Prefers Trespassers to Debtors?
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Gross Prefers Trespassers to Debtors?

Bill Gross prefers trespassers to debtors, at least when it comes to the Lord's Prayer. Oh, and he prefers neighboring dogs to stinky in-house cats.

Those are the latest personal insights revealed by the famous Janus [profile] fixed income PM in his writings, this time in his (slightly early) monthly investment outlook for August. In "Say a Little Prayer", Gross reveals that, "even at 30,000 feet, when the air gets rough," he is no longer "a 'prayerful' type of guy."

As per usual, Gross hits on a host of different topics, economic and otherwise, including: the economic woes of Greece and the rest of the EU; the "desperate patient" that is the Chinese economy, "changing doctors and proposed remedies every other month or so"; zombies; the debate over monetary policy; and the order in which he asked for blessings for different folks in his nightly prayers as a child. Here's that prayer:

"God bless Mommie, Daddie, Chip, Lyn, Mamie, Budgie, Brenda [the neighbor's bulldog], Stinky [Gross' brother's smelly, litter-box-less cat] and everyone in the whole world."

Also as per usual, Gross' latest musings have been widely picked up, by publications including: BusinessInsider, Dealbreaker, MarketWatch, Reuters, TheStreet, ThinkAdvisor, and the Wall Street Journal.

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