A Crowd-Sourced Investing Info Hub Starts Tracking Mutual Funds
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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Crowd-Sourced Investing Info Hub Starts Tracking Mutual Funds

A crowd-sourced investing information hub with four million registered users is now tracking mutual funds, too. Expect your shareholders and your advisor allies to start keeping an eye on your products through this website and its email alerts.

Last month Eli Hoffmann, editor-in-chief and vice president of content for Seeking Alpha, told the site's users that Seeking Alpha was adding mutual fund data, and the site's team is reaching out to tell readers about the new feature.

Contributors post their investing pieces, stock analysis and the like on Seeking Alpha. The site also posts publicly-traded companies' earnings reports and transcripts of their earnings calls and webcasts. Users of the site can enter stock tickers of companies they wish to follow, signing up to receive real-time email alerts whenever a new report, contributed article, transcript, or article is posted related to one of their chosen tickers.

Now Seeking Alpha users will be able to follow specific mutual funds, by ticker, in the same way that they already follow individual stocks. Hoffmann says that, through answers to questions the site asks users who register, nearly 500,000 users (roughly one-eighth of the site's registered users) have told Seeking Alpha that they're interested in mutual funds.

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