What is El-Erian's Next Move?
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What is El-Erian's Next Move?

Ever since Bill Gross appointed four more deputy CIOs, leading to a total of six to fill Mohamed El-Erian's position, the 55-year-old El-Erian, who will leave PIMCO in mid-March, has been frequently making vocal declarations on all kinds of global issues. 

He taught analysts and markets on "how to properly interpret" the labor market when the January's job report was released in February; he expressed his affection for Janet Yellen without hesitation, and he exclaimed worry about the possibility that the "U.S. could become Japan" if Congress can't bring itself to function.

For sure, as an investment guru, El-Erian has things to say about the market, and should express them. Yet I can't help wondering: is he looking for a new pool to dive in?

The outgoing Pimco leader recently mentioned via LinkedIn how much he "really wants" to spend time with his 10-year old daughter. However, he also declared that he is "really interested in the intersection of Main Street, Wall Street and policies."

Just how interested, I wonder. Let's not forget that another former Pimco exec, Neel Kashkari, is making moves for the governorship of California.

What will El-Erian aim for? Guess we might have to wait for him to update his LinkedIn profile to find out.

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