Actively Manage Your ETFs the Eaton Vance Way
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Actively Manage Your ETFs the Eaton Vance Way

In March, Eaton Vance [profile] filed to create a new kind of ETF that would be actively managed, but purportedly would allow managers maintain the confidentiality of their portfolios.

Now, Eaton Vance wants other firms to actively manage ETFs the way they do. For a fee, of course.

In a new filing, Eaton Vance has asked the SEC for permission to license the fund model to other firms.

The language from the filing on the matter is as follows:

Applicants also request that the ETMF Relief apply to any future series of the Trust or any other registered open-end management investment company or series thereof that is advised by either (a) Eaton Vance or any entity controlling, controlled by or under common control with Eaton Vance (each, an “EV Adviser”) or (b) a registered investment adviser unrelated to Eaton Vance that has entered into an agreement with Eaton Vance and obtained expedited exemptive relief from the Commission permitting it to rely on the Order (each, a “Licensed Adviser”) (such funds, “Future ETMFs”).4  The Initial ETMF and Future ETMFs together are the “ETMFs.”

  Eaton had previously announced that it will partner with BNY Mellon and Nasdaq to promote this model.

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