Gross Roundup: Has Gross Still Got It or Is He Just Misunderstood?
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gross Roundup: Has Gross Still Got It or Is He Just Misunderstood?

The Fiscal Times' Suzanne McGee wonders if Bill Gross can stop the bleeding at Pimco [profile] Total Return Fund. McGee asserts that $15 billion of the $41 billion lost over the past four months is a result of Gross' strategy.

McGee writes that the fund returned 9.12 percent last year, more than double the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index's 4.21 percent gain. McGee asks, "Has Bill Gross lost his mojo?…But the problem--if there is one--may be a much simpler one: a mismatch between the kind of consistent outperformance investors want and Gross' view of the market and the emerging realities."

Gross' investment philosophy is long-term, McGee writes, which may be why he makes misjudgments on where the market is headed short-term. The problem is that investors may head for the exit before the world wakes up to Bill Gross' vision of the world, assuming his vision proves accurate.

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Whatever McGee may say about Gross' fund management, the bond fund king certainly can tweet. He tweeted on Syria, writing, "American citizens seem to want war no more. Do their opinions matter. Doubt it. Structure portfolios for a strike. Steeper curve."

Business Insider's Rob Wile writes, "In forecasting a 'steeper curve', he is saying he expects the difference between long-term interest rates and short-term rates to widen."

In broader Pimco news, ETF Daily News' Eric Dutram covers Pimco Total Return ETF's performance, writing that it has outperformed its mutual fund counterpart and holding its ground in comparison to other bond ETFs.

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