Park Avenue Firm Surfs Mutual Fund Wave
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Park Avenue Firm Surfs Mutual Fund Wave

Another asset manager has caught the mutual fund wave, or perhaps it's a tsunami.

The New York-based (as in Park Avenue South, that is) Wavelength Capital Management has registered the Wavelength Interest Rate Neutral Fund, a global fixed income fund.

The fund is a series of the Ultimus Managers Trust, administered and distributed by Ultimus Fund Solutions.

According to the filing, the fund will invest in a variety of global fixed income securities, including cash bonds, exchange-traded funds and derivatives, as will also likely invest in developed-market nominal government bonds, developed-market inflation-linked government bonds, emerging market local-currency fixed-income securities, emerging market USD-denominated fixed-income securities, sovereign debt, corporate debt, and convertible bonds.

The derivatives instruments in which the fund will likely invest include derivative instruments (including futures contracts and exchange-traded notes).†††

The PM of the fund is Andrew Dassori, who is also a founding partner of Wavelength and serves as the firmís chief investment officer and managing director.

Before founding Wavelength, Dassori was a PM at Credit Suisse Asset Management.

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