Mind Your Words, Rekenthaler Reminds Fundsters
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Mind Your Words, Rekenthaler Reminds Fundsters

The right words matter, and that lesson applies to mutual funds and their investors just as it does for politicians and their constituents, Morningstar's John Rekenthaler explained.

Invesco[profile] conducted research with political pollster Frank Luntz, which found that words like "straightforward" and "fees" are superior to "transparency" and "costs."

Investors said they prefer paying "fees" to paying "costs," as fees imply that the company is out to boost profits, whereas costs are just one's way of recouping costs to stay in business.

Rekenthaler also commented on money fund reform, saying there isn't any real consensus on which proposed rules represent "best practices" for money funds.

The WSJ recently opined on reform, supporting a floating NAV—but not a liquidity retirement—in contrast to the ICI, which supports the second requirement, but will fight to the end against a floating NAV.

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