An Alts Shop Embraces the Risk of a New Brand
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Friday, June 07, 2013

An Alts Shop Embraces the Risk of a New Brand

It's generally a good idea to have your company name reflect your services, and so Jeff Murphey has made some changes. Murphey, the president and CEO of FolioMetrix [profile], renamed the mutual fund shop's FMX retail mutual fund family. They are now called the RiskX funds.

The funds were formerly known as the FMX fund family and the ISM funds. Those brands, Murphey said, didn't get across the company message of mitigating risk in extreme bear markets and achieving relative returns during bull markets.

Company Press Release

FolioMetrix Rebrands its Risk Intelligent Fund Family

PORTLAND, Ore., June 5, 2013 -- FolioMetrix, LLC., announced it renamed its FMX retail mutual fund family the RiskX funds.

FolioMetrix, the fund family's investment advisor, has renamed the funds in favor of something that better reflects what the company does. The funds were called the FMX fund family and the ISM funds, but those names were retired on May 3, 2013, in favor of the RiskX fund family and the Rx Funds.

Jerry Murphey, President and CEO, said "The rebranding better aligns with FolioMetrix' purpose -- to help financial advisors build risk intelligent portfolios that know how to adapt to constantly changing markets."

Each of the 10 Rx Funds has a specific investment strategy but they all share a common attribute. Greg Rutherford, FolioMetrix' Co-founder, stated "...our research team identifies and partners with managers and strategists that demonstrate the unique ability to intelligently mitigate risk in extreme bear markets and achieve relative returns during bull markets."

The name RiskX was derived from the equation the FolioMetrix research team developed to optimize their risk intelligent portfolios series -- WHERE (Risk =nvestment Risk) AND (X = The Client Variable).

Financial advisors can access RiskX Portfolios through iTAMPô -- FolioMetrix' Integrated Turnkey Asset Management Program.

The FolioMetrix promise is to deliver products and services that help financial advisors build their brand, not someone else's. "We believe the name RiskX and the Rx Funds is a complement to any brand" said Mr. Murphey. He goes on to add "Top financial advisors know that building a great brand, like a great portfolio, begins and ends with a great process, and RiskX has the potential to deliver on all fronts."

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