The Next Star PM? Jaffe's On the Case
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Next Star PM? Jaffe's On the Case

The next star money manager is likely to be found in health care or technology, and will work for a company that keeps fees low. Thus contends Chuck Jaffe in his latest Marketwatch column.

And, Jaffe adds, the next star will need to be young, to have several decades of managing money in his or her future. That's the problem with finding the next great one -- no long-term track record.

Jaffe is following up on his column last week on Ed Owens, the retiring PM of the Vanguard Health Care Fund, whom Jaffe called "arguably the greatest fund manager of his generation." Jaffe tells his readers that "Owens' retirement should not send shareholders to the exits," since the fund will be run by Owens' longtime co-PM Jean Hynes and supported by Owens' team.

Jaffe doesn't name any of the PMs he thinks could take the title in the coming decades, since he has "nothing but hunches about the contenders." And he does not even give us the benefit of his hunches, saying that the guessing game "is a folly when so many outstanding funds are ignored or misused in the search for a holy grail."

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