Institutional Investors and Wealth Managers Eye ETFs
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Institutional Investors and Wealth Managers Eye ETFs

While popular view holds that ETFs contributed to the flash crash of May 6, 2010, more and more conservative investors such as endowments and retirement funds are turning to ETFs, reports Murray Coleman for MarketWatch.

Industry insiders disagree on just how much ETFs have pervaded the space. Coleman cites studies by Deutsche Bank, Cerulli Associates and Vanguard Group in reporting that financial advisors are increasingly turning to ETF assets for their clients' portfolios, albeit with a long-term focus.

"Our evidence suggests that we're not seeing ETFs cause people to trade more frequently," said Joel Dickson, senior ETF investment strategist for Vanguard. "Rather, what we're finding is that people who trade more are choosing ETFs more frequently these days."

One long-time ETF adopter at UBS says the transition to using ETFs will take some time. That said, ETFs have worked just fine for advisor Ron Vinder, who says an advisor's top priorities include developing sound long-term asset-allocation plans and keeping investors disciplined through varying market cycles.

"ETFs fit perfectly into that type of strategic-investment process," Vinder said.

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