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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Everything in its Place

Datalynx is launching a new account aggregation service that will assist advisors seeking to get a complete look of a given client's investing universe, Dean Rodewald, director of client services, told the The service will be available to investors as well.

"The aggregated account information gives the advisor's client a daily snapshot of his or her assets and liabilities and helps to keep track of a full range of financial information," stated Skip Schweiss, vice president at the firm. "A client can give the advisor access to all or part of the aggregation account so the advisor will have a more complete picture of a client's financial life. This is information advisors need to help their clients."

Advisors who are already apart of the Datalynx network can offer their clients the option of hopping onto the service. When an aggregated account is set-up, the system seeks out all of the accounts a client had inputted and provides a one-page overview of those accounts. This could include anything available online include mileage programs.

"This is really a service for both investor and advisor," Rodewald explained. "The advisor will have oversight capabilities if the investor wants. These are turbulent economic times, and the more information an advisor has, the better that advisor can help investors."

"We are holding regional meetings with advisors. We are getting the word out to them. We are making the account aggregation service available only through them. We are going to include the service in a number of marketing campaigns and direct mail pieces," the executive continued.

Financial advisors can access this service through a host website. Or, they can create this system on their own website and brand it there.

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