RidgeWorth Makes a Mid Cap Push
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Monday, March 8, 2010

RidgeWorth Makes a Mid Cap Push

RidgeWorth Investments hopes to draw advisors' attention to mid caps with a new microsite,, and white paper, entitled "Why Mid-Caps?"

"I think many investors would be surprised to find out that mid-caps beat small caps over every rolling 10-year period since 1979," said Jim Stueve, head of distribution at RidgeWorth, in a news release issued Monday.
Company Press Release

ATLANTA -- RidgeWorth Investments announced today that it has published a whitepaper highlighting that mid-caps have outpaced other cap sizes over the majority of time periods and shows that a portfolio with an allocation to mid-caps had a better risk/reward relationship than a portfolio without - over both short and long time periods. The whitepaper, entitled “Why Mid-Caps?”, reviews historical performance, evaluates current conditions that favor mid-caps, analyzes the performance of mid-caps during market and economic cycles and details why mid-cap stocks should be an important part of investors’ allocations.

To make learning about mid-caps more dynamic, RidgeWorth also launched the microsite to help advisors easily demonstrate to their clients how mid-caps have consistently outperformed large, smid and small caps over the past 30 years. The new site includes an interactive tool that lets the user pick a specific date range to compare mid-caps to other cap sizes, or pick a specific time period (e.g. 10 years) and drag it through the entire 30-year period to see how different cap sizes have done over every specific time period since 1979.

"I think many investors, and advisors for that matter, would be surprised to find out that mid-caps beat small caps over every rolling 10-year period since 1979," says Jim Stueve, RidgeWorth's Head of Distribution. "The microsite is a continuation of our strategy to provide advisors with minimally-branded educational resources and tools that help them add value for their clients." In February, RidgeWorth launched to help retirement plan advisors better work with plan sponsors.

Advisors can access the interactive tool by visiting

About RidgeWorth Investments

RidgeWorth Investments serves as a holding company that owns interests in eight investment boutiques with approximately $63 billion of assets under management as of December 31, 2009. RidgeWorth’s investment boutiques manage a wide variety of investment disciplines across the fixed income, equity, and liquidity management asset classes. Our boutiques provide investment management services to a growing client base that includes endowments, foundations, corporations, healthcare organizations, municipalities, public funds, associations, insurance companies, labor unions and high net worth individuals. In addition, RidgeWorth serves as the investment adviser to the RidgeWorth Funds mutual fund family. RidgeWorth Investments is a trade name for RidgeWorth Capital Management, Inc., an investment adviser registered with the SEC headquartered in Atlanta. For more information about RidgeWorth, visit

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