Adding and Subtracting at Vanguard
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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Adding and Subtracting at Vanguard

Vanguard giveth, and Vanguard taketh away. The firm is launching a new 70-page booklet entitled "Investment Basics", a spokesperson with Vanguard told the The booklet is available both in paper form and online.

"This is something we developed for the novice investor," the spokesperson reported. "But there is information in there that even the most experienced investor needs to keep in mind: investing for the long-term, an asset allocation plan, and diversification."

The booklet is available in its e-form at this link.

Vanguard is also suspending its private equity investment program, the spokesperson continued. "This is a tough time in the market for firms starting new programs like this one," she added.

"It was difficult to raise enough money to make this a cost-effective operational. And cost-effective is our core philosophy here," the official contended.

The program was designed for high-net-worth investors. Because of SEC restrictions, the firm cannot venture into any great detail about the exact nature of that program.

The spokesperson concluded by noting that Vanguard executives have noticed that investors are again beginning to chase returns with their investments. This is a trend that the firm hopes to mitigate.

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