Becoming King of the Hill
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Thursday, June 21, 2001

Becoming King of the Hill

With all the hype about fund firms making Internet upgrades, it's hard to believe that the virtual playing field isn't already level. However, that's exactly what DLG Consultants' recent report reveals.

"Internet Watch: Mutual Funds" examines the online practices of fund firms relative to assets under management. Surprisingly enough, the Web mirrors reality and size still counts.

Firms with over $60 billion in assets under management were found to be more likely to provide channel-centric support. Furthermore, they had half again as many companion domain names as their smaller counterparts.

Across the board, cross-selling still has not hit the Internet like gangbusters and, in a very telling maneuver, insurance companies were often found hiding behind fund-oriented domain names.

If you're anxious to see how you stand up to the pack, the 129-page study costs $1295.00.

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