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Friday, January 12, 2001

Silent Spinners

The Calvert Group is a month or away from launching its new Web sites, much of which will be devoted to financial advisors. The firm hired New York-based Wechsler Ross & Partners to architect the project.

"We've recently completed but have not yet launched a complete re-do of the Calvert website which has parts of it for the retail investors, part of it for institutional investors, and a very large part of it for financial advisors," said Arnold Wechsler, chief executive officer of Wechsler Ross & Partners.

Wechsler was unable to provide details on the sites' features, citing company policy.

Calvert follows the well-noted industry trend of revamping Web sites and providing special functionality to advisors in an effort to attract their business. Wechsler said that about thirty percent of the company's business now centers on interactive media, which includes Palm pilots and wireless services.

Nonetheless, Wechsler asserted that the business is no more committed to its on-line services than traditional print media. Furthermore, he viewed the various media, including print, to be integrated as part of a unified branding or promotion effort. With growing experience in the area of on-line development, the company has arrived at preferred methods for site design.

"Our proclivity in creating a site for a company is to architect it so the different user groups have access to different information some of the time but in many cases the information is the same," Wechsler said. "For instance, mutual fund performance is going to be the same for the investor, the advisor, or the institutional advisor."

Calvert officials confirmed that the Web sites are expected to come on line this quarter but declined further elaboration.

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