Stock Funds Gain Investors' Confidence and Assets
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stock Funds Gain Investors' Confidence and Assets

Investors' fear of stock funds is subsiding. The Wall Street Journal's Daisy Maxey reported in Monday's Fund Track that in January, investors put $2.7 billion into U.S. stock funds, marking the first monthly inflow in five months. Investors also put $8.1 billion into international stock funds, the highest amount since December 2007.

Vanguard Group was one fund company that felt the trend heartily. January 2010 was the first month in exactly a year where stock funds outsold fixed-income funds, with $7.4 billion inflows into stock funds and $4.6 billion bond fund inflows. The figures included ETFs.

Maxey spoke with JP Morgan Funds president and CEO George Gatch, who said that while investors' confidence is clearly increasing, they are still "are very reluctant to go into equities."

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