A Hedge-Fund-Like Manager Plans an ETF of ETFs
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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Hedge-Fund-Like Manager Plans an ETF of ETFs

The exchange-traded-fund market continues to attract interest from the outside. Fundsters should keep an eye out for ETF Portfolio Management; the Wall Street Journal's John Jannarone reports that the Newbury Park, California-based firm plans to launch an ETF that invests only in ETFs.

While ETF Portfolio Management does not currently manage its own ETFs, as its name suggests it is no stranger to the business. The nearly-five-year-old firm already offers portfolios of ETFs (via individual brokerage accounts) for its clients, in a traditional hedge fund strategy called "trend-following."

The WSJ did not reveal any details about ETF Portfolio Management's planned ETF of ETFs, or of the timeframe of the launch, and it appears that the firm has not yet made its plans official by filing for the new offering with the SEC.

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