kasina Affirms E-mail's Sales Power
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

kasina Affirms E-mail's Sales Power

Asset management firms that are not sure what to make of e-mail marketing, fret no longer. A new study from kasina, entitled, "email: Is it Worth the Effort?" finds once and for all that e-mail can be an effective sales tool.

"What we really wanted to get across is that e-mail can does have an impact and there is definitely an opportunity there. There is a correlation between e-mail and sales," Johanna Willer, a consultant at kasina, told the MFWIre.

Success stories that illustrate kasina's finds come from varied fund companies. Oppenheimer Funds found that among advisors that actively did business with their firm, those that received the "OPPBrief" newsletter had 44 percent higher sales than those who did not.

Another e-mail success story cited in the report comes from American Century. Advisors who received its e-mails and then clicked on the included link had 27 percent higher sales than those who did not open the message.

kasina recommends that fund firms have a good support and tracking system in place before embarking on an e-mail campaign.

Fund firms should have a system in place to track which e-mail messages are effective and which are not. Additionally, firms should have a robust web-presence to support advisors that may want more information, Willer said.

Someone also needs to be there to get the e-mail campaign going; Willer recommends that firms allot at least .5 full-time employees to the development of the campaign.

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